Change that this site really needs

I suspect WebFictionGuide would be a lot more successful if it had more votes for things, kind of a 'yeah this site is active so trust the opinions' here deal.

And an easy way to get more votes would be to change the voting system to one like the webcomic listing sites use, i.e. no log-in but check for duplicate I.P.'s and require a quick anti-bot thing to avoid scams. Adding in the ability for authors to post some sort of 'thanks for voting' content, like a preview of the next chapter, would also help.

Just an idea!

Um, I don't know how a "review" site would benefit from becoming a "vote" site like webcomics when I'm pretty sure there's already the affliated "" site that people can vote for their favourite stories on. We use this site for fan and editor reviews of stories, so people can get in-depth opinions on what might be worth reading. No one is going to write multiple reviews, that would kind of defeat the in-depth purpose...

And individual authors are just listed here, not necessarily affiliated with the site itself, so it would be really difficult to coordinate previews and bonus chapters for everyone at this hub -- I myself do bonuses when someone reviews my story, but that's handled at my end, on my own site -- it's not the Web Fiction Guide's responsibility.

But the site is clearly active because there are new reviews all the time, and opinions can be trusted by reading multiple reviews and getting a sense of each reviewer's likes and dislikes, and then choosing stories that suit your own individual preference and giving your own opinion.

Hi Kamar,

I've got a lot of things planned for the next version of the WFG software, but it's presently on the backburner due to higher priority projects. However, you may find what you want at


Well I feel silly. I was under the impression TopWebFiction was linked to your WFG account. Well, that's interesting!

I'll be looking forward to those new features whenever they come out.