Changing Names?

So, two questions: The main character in my book Juroykine, and its upcoming sequel, is named Toke (short for Cassitoka) Gnasher, and I've constantly wondered if that name sounds stupid or not. The first book has been out for going on two years now, though, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to change his name now. What do you guys think?

As I always say when I get readers telling me how to write, this story is not a democracy. If you think the name is wrong, you can change it. That being said, you may want to think about whether there's anyone who would dislike the name change.

I personally never change anything other than typos and continuity errors after I publish, but that's because I never publish anything until I'm satisfied with it as a finished product (i.e. good enough even if not the best possible thing I could have written). As for names, it will take me literally months to come up with character names that really match the characters I'm imagining, so I wouldn't have the problem of wanting to change it afterwards.

I've got a number of characters with stupid names that I have a hard time calling anything else since that's how I've known them for years, especially once they are locked to a story.

Still, it's your story. Do you personally feel the name is stupid, to the point it needles you constantly? Do you have a ton of messages telling you it's stupid, to the point you're worried it will negatively impact the narrative or your ability to market? Sure, go ahead and change it.

If the book has already been out for two years, very few to no one's said anything, and you yourself don't mind the name, I would think it'd be more work than it's worth to change it.

So are we just going to ignore the name Toke?

I actually don't mind the name Toke, since I make it clear early on that it's short for Cassitoka. It's when it's combined with Gnasher that makes me think it sounds stupid. Like someone who chews marijuana really hard, lol. I think I've only had one person complain about it so far, but to be fair it hasn't been all that popular. I'm more worried about what'll happen if more people start reading it, and see the name "Toke Gnasher."

If you can find a natural way to change your character's name, I'd say go for it. I've recently just done something similar.

i read it as toe key, and it makes me think of Deathklok. Changing the name of the character is odd, but its the kind of thing that happens in real life and never makes it into fiction. nicknames, that awkward slow transition as people call you two names. I'd like to see that, acutally.

I feel your pain. I have multiple characters whose names begin with the same first 4 letters, and one of my most common typos is just typing one where I meant another. I don't think you should change it though, your readers know the old name.

Alexander, I meant going back into the first book and editing it into a new name.