Character Guides and Spoilers

Here's a question for people... We have a meta-site called "Making Melly Mills" for behind the scenes information about GGR, including the character guides that are linked to from the main site. I was updating the guides today and some of the new character information contains spoilers for people who haven't read that far in the story, so I included spoiler warnings--but is there a more elegant approach that other people have discovered?

Why not do CSS/Javascript mouse-overs. Repair the spoilers to the bottom of the character discussion page, add a line that says something to the effect of "Click here to see spoilers." (or mouse over this.)

Depending on the nature of the design it could be used to allow minimal access for those not interested and provide an un-curtaining for the curious.

That's a great idea. Do you know a script that can do that?

Well, I'd suggest looking at this to get an idea:

Except that I find this a little ugly, and it's not exactly the best _possible_ way to do it. However, it is a start. I just don't have the time at the moment to write something...otherwise I would.

I'd say try this out. Just fiddle with the CSS parameters a little to make the "click me" part prettier.

Also Google for things like "spoiler tag" and "CSS" and/or "Javascript" will probably pull up more tutorials.

There are more elegant solutions. I just don't know any off hand. I highly suspect you could fairly easily implement a <hidden> tag and have a linked javascript file that went through and changed them to some more functional form, like the one kytodotson linked to.

Sounds like something I might look into sometime.

We've implemented a CSS/Javascript solution that seems to work pretty well as long as a reader has their CSS and Javascript turned on. Hooray!

Iiii had something similar to this in my 'release notes' for new installments of one of my stories; I had in-depth analysis comparing the new installment to the old version of the story (written five years before) and said analysis was always chock-full of spoilers.

>>seems to work pretty well as long as a reader has their CSS and Javascript turned on.

Aand yeah, the stuff's only going to work if people have Javascript turned on. But eh, that's life :)