Character personality that fits powers

Hey guys, so i'm struggEling to think what personality fits with one characters power set, so can y'all help me with this please?


Immortality by regeneration, can't lose functions in limbs, ie if arm bone shattered can still use arm, still feels all pain from injuries, no pain reduction,regenerates at a normal persons rate ie takeso 6 years to regrow arm, always regenerates from body part attached to brain, or failing that regrows from largest piece remaining, can't be knocked out, can faint, can still move limbs even if the limb isn't attached to his body.

Thx in advance guys

Are you talking a "powers are given to people based upon their personalities" or a "random person gets random powers, what personality evolves from there?"

If the former... then...

This is what I use.

Because I'm a masochist who loves Dwarf Fortress. I find there's something *beautiful* about procedural generation. Fell in love with it way back when my aunt gave me her collection of the old Marvel Heroes system (ah, FASERIP). I dream of one day meeting the creators of that system, just to find out how long they worked to justify that acronym.

Incidentally, my first book revolved around a regenerator... but his was instantaneous (corrective short ranged teleportation, even post-mortem), so there's no a lot of similarities in that regard.

If the latter... well, what personality are you starting with? A thrillseeker personality would probably be more inclined to be more of a thrillseeker. Not having to fear death is a significant factor in the human experience... you can justify almost any personality change when that's removed...

Hmm mm. ... Both possibly? It would be very useful to know what other writers think about the effect of powers, but I also want to know what they think the best possible personality for this power set would be so that I can change aspects of it and so have an interesting character with conflict between power and personality, so former probably, but latter would also help a lot.

And the character probably would fear getting hurt because of the immense pain involved(No pain reduction of any kind). And pain continues even if nerves have been cut so that should cut down on the possible personalities.

And do you have any FUN dwarf fortress stories? Love that game.

Well. Anyone who got THAT power in a "personality" system... is the single most masochistic human being imaginable.

Seriously. I don't know what he's gone through, but the first time he dies in a house fire, he's coming out so emotionally traumatized as to require a few years in a psych ward AFTER the years it takes for his skin to grow back.

Feeling everything is a nightmare. Especially with burns, because those only stop hurting when all the nerves burn. He doesn't even get that reprieve, because his will grow back. That's "Daughters of Mnemosyne" grade shit right there.

So... yeah... what are you planning this story to be about, exactly?


There's a couple of different personalities that come to mind with that power, for me at least. I'm assuming this person is trying to do something with their powers, whether it be crime-fighting or crime-committing, as opposed to just living their life.

1. Punisher. Grim & gritty, determinator, not necessarily without a sense of humor or other lighter qualities, but serious for the most part. Basically a walking pile of cartilage soup and bone fragments, and has taken enough horrific injuries that the pain is basically an afterthought for them. Has the standard 'mildly-superhuman strength' deal just from pushing past the ordinary limiters in place constantly.

2. Cavalier. Who wants to live forever? This guy/gal. Considers their powers awesome, despite the pain. Similar approach as Punisher, but completely different attitude. Tendency to go for more 'stunts', like throwing themselves off of a building as a ballistic missile. Probably hopped up on painkillers/drugs constantly.

3. Timid. Terrified of pain and blood, maybe hemaphobic? Doesn't act in a particularly 'super' manner most of the time, general sticking to stuff that'll keep them out of harms way, because pain hurts. Basically keeps powers as a fallback to keep themselves alive, but doesn't rely on them. Badass Normal with a backup.

4. Batshit. Complete and utter nutter (heh): constant pain and torment has knocked them completely off their rocker. Just as likely to start singing showtunes and dancing as they are to tear off their own arm and beat you to death with it. Does not give a single solitary fuck about anything, and likely to utilize the craziest possibilities off the power, like escaping captivity by tearing their own head off and then coming back for revenge years later.

My original opinion was that his personality would be a cautious determinator, who won't go looking to get hurt but can power through the pain, who would be ruthless in a fight, to stop from getting too hurt and because nothing can effect his body functiol. but after reading yours knifleman i'll reconsider. thx a lot

His power is really like a zombie's in that no matter how you hurt him, he can still move his legs, arms, body, can still see and hear and his brainpower won't be effected.

hey thx kniflemam those are really good. I 'll robably steal most of that for the character. thx a bunch.

Write their backstory, get inside their head. Try to find real life analogies if you can.

Also, what happens when somebody points a shotgun at his head and fires?

Basically he can still see and has full brainpower, explaining this by his body has a arcane imprint which executes body functions ie breathing blood pumping etc so he can still see through the arcane impriont his eyes have and similar for his brain. The arcane imprint cannot effect the world but animate his limbs so if arm is ripped of he can still move it and he can still move if he's reduced to a skeleton.

Of course all this will still hurt him like he's being dipped in acid then flayed.

With very few exceptions, all my characters turn out to have snarky senses of humour, so this is what I would imagine for a character like that:

He doesn't like pain, but has gotten used to it enough that he can ignore it. This doesn't mean he doesn't feel it, as it still hurts like all hell, but he no longer functionally reacts to it, as in he no longer flinches or has any other kind of involuntary reaction in response. This leads to rather absurd scenes in his life.


He's walking home, trying to live a normal life, when he sees a woman getting mugged in an alleyway. He sighs and goes to intervene.

"Can't we all just get along?"

The mugger swears at him and threatens him with a gun, but he has no fear reaction whatsoever and keeps walking forward.

Panicked, the mugger shoots him in the stomach.

He grimaces. "I really liked that sweater." He keeps walking forward.

Really freaked out, the mugger shoots him in the head.

He decides to do a zombie impression and goes, "Braaaains".

Both the mugger and the woman scream and run away.

He continues home, trying not to get any blood on the ground because that would lead to awkward questions by law enforcement.


In my imaginings, he's pretty old to have been injured so many times, so he's quite educated and knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. He's a little bit old-fashioned because of his age.

...That was probably way too detailed.

Sounds like a awesome character,definitely something I have to steal as much as possible of much off :) . And also, the more detailed the better :) so thanks very much.

You should come up with your own ideas, not steal other people's concepts. It's your story, after all. No one else can help you write or finish it.

Yes, I will come up with my own ideas and everything, but as the community here is so much better at writing then me,who just started off, doesn't it make sense to ask them to help me a bit? And no i'm not going to steal everything, make a carbon copy of the recommendations here, I will have them as templates to change and modify in to the character I'm going to use.

You keep asking others what you 'should' do... but really, the best stories are created when the author listens to what they 'want' to do. You don't need to insert jokes if you're not good at telling them, for instance. Stop worrying what other people think and listen to your gut. I broke pretty much every established 'writing rule' with my serial and it turned out well - because I was passionnate about it and didn't ask anyone what they thought I should do.

For instance, EVERYONE told me I shouldn't do 3 separate POVs in my first serial. I proved them wrong, and readers leave comments stating how much they appreciate my story being 'different'.

Yeah, but what I want to write is so grim and depressing that without humor it has no point. And yeah I should probably stop asking guys here for answers. But I don't know what to do. 'I'm bad at writing' has been my default statement my entire life, my personality defined by technical subjects like math, science and programming, so I have no experience or skill writing believable characters or creating an immersive world, or stunning readers with godlike prose, so I have to ask the people here. I promise that this is my last question on these forums.

People told you not to use multiple viewpoints? What kind of crazy world are they living in?!

They thought 3 POVs in a first novel / serial would be too challenging and that I should start with something less complicated. :)

That's not unreasonable. Doing multiple POV is harder. That said, the best way to learn how to do something is to actually try it. Also, the best way to write something is to write it in keeping with the way you imagined it--at least in the first draft. The worst that can happen is that you'll have to rewrite which you'll have to do anyway.

That's not unreasonable. Doing multiple POV is harder. That said, the best way to learn how to do something is to actually try it. Also, the best write something is to write it in keeping with the way you imagined it--at least in the first draft. The worst that can happen is that you'll have to rewrite which you'll have to do anyway.

@GeneralR: As with many things, you learn by doing. You can ask how to make jokes or characters, but it's a bit like riding a bike. You can be told how to ride, you can read all the manuals, but in the end, you have to figure out how to balance up there yourself. And you will fall down. But you keep at it. Heck, here's a mind bending video showing how even a small change to something you think you've finally mastered can completely derail you:

Perhaps start by shifting your mindset. I know a lot about the "I'm bad at..." refrain, though where I am, often the refrain is "I'm bad at math". That particular statement actively irritates me. (I bring it up since you said you're more 'technical' minded. Also, I'm a math teacher.) No one starts "bad at math" any more than they start "bad at writing" or "bad at drawing" - it's about how much effort goes into mastery. How much we're willing (or able) to invest.

And yes, for one person, improving certain skills might take a day, whereas for another person it takes a week to reach the same level. That doesn't make the second person "bad" at it - there's different learning/writing styles, and for all we know, the person who takes longer is gaining a more nuanced understanding. In that respect, math is not so different from the arts (though I grant that I see math as art). As a "for instance", a friend of mine had to retake high school english courses more than once. Given that, and what teachers said, he figured writing wasn't his thing. Now he writes a weekly column for a website and has been in 10 NaNoWriMos. He didn't get there overnight.

@POV Thoughts: Yeah, not just harder to do, but harder to tame, IMO. It well be my Achilles heel. Even back in my fanfic days, I'd tend to write separate parts from the perspectives of separate people, and I'm still doing it in Epsilon. And it's an issue brought up about "Time & Tied" (though I'll argue it's better now than the first draft 15 years ago, when I usually slipped into omniscient). But I'm FAR too restless to stick with one character for more than a couple parts. It may yet be (have been?) my undoing.