Character Popularity poll!

I know I have at least one reader from here, so I figure I'll post it here too, I made a character popularity poll for Gilded Blue Theft, which has come to an end. I know some of the things aren't exactly characters, but shush.

As so as this serves some use other than just me mucking about, how about some discussion about poll use. Your experiences with them, opinions of them, that kind if stuff.Or you could always make fun of my badly made poll.

That's a lot of characters. (I'd vote, but I'd want to read first.) As far as poll use goes, I used the free "Polldaddy" polls that came bundled with WordPress in order to have votes every week on "Epsilon Project" (my "Choose Our Own Adventure" foray). The most votes I ever got was 6; granted, the window was only open for 3-4 days. The awkwardness came when it was a tied vote, whereby I either challenged myself to accept both options simultaneously, or pleaded personally with certain individuals who might not have voted to break it.