Character Theme Songs, (from the 80s :p)

Okay, so today I finally found my New York Collection cd's back, after moving 9 months ago...

Boy was there a lot of drama in the 80s...

I've been singing along all day :D

And suddenly I realized some of those songs went great with some of my characters... And then I listened to Touch Me by Samantha Fox again, and I immediately decided I want to have a character with that song as a theme. (Common:

Full moon in the city

And the night was young

I was hungry for love

I was hungry for fun

I was hunting you down

And I was the bait

Hot & cold emotions confusing my brain

I could not decide between pleasure & pain

Like a tramp in the night

I was begging for you

To treat my body like you wanted to


Uh, it's begging for you

(This is the night)

Touch me, touch me

I want to feel your body

Your heart beat next to mine

(This is the night)

'Cos I want your body all the time)

It's begging for a character :D

So which 80s song would go along with one of your characters? Or which one would inspire you to write a new one? You can go for 90s too if you want...

Queensryche - Breaking The Silence.

In fact, I'd like to write a whole novel loosely based on Operation: Mindcrime.



Very different music from what I am listening to at the moment, but I like the novel idea. That album always had a lot of story to it... (Also brings back very fond ex-boyfriend memories, but that's another story...)

I've always wanted to make a story for Nigel too. You know, from Making plans for Nigel by Xtc...

I don't care about the 80s, but I know that Ethan Pitney in No Man an Island listened to Simon and Garfunkel. Not just "I am a Rock, I am an Island," but also "The Sound of Silence."

It's kind of weird for me to think of the 80's as this period in the past to wax nostalgic or be curious about. I was in high school during the latter part of the decade, and, one would think that I'd have songs from then that I'd instantly associate with my characters.

Oddly enough, I didn't listen to much popular music at the time and thus don't.

The only thing that comes to mind is R.E.M.'s "Superman" and it really doesn't fit anybody (and wasn't written by R.E.M.).

I like the song quite a bit though.

I have a playlist for my webnovel. I'm just that sort of person, ha ha...

Anyway, one of the songs I chose for Eikasia is from the 80's. Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." Rock out.