Checking in

How is everyone? How are your lives? How are your webfics going? Are the stories flowing the way you want them to?

I just miss communicating with you guys, chatting about writing, hopes, and fears, and I kind of fallen off the map. I've been lurking and reading everything, but I was alone with the kids for a time and typing replies with one hand while cradling the baby in the other just wasn't going to happen. Keeping up with the Rema updates has been SO. HARD. Gods, I can't fathom the discipline some of you guys have! It's very inspiring, and helped me get through the latest batch of updates that were tough to push through.

Now I'm working to build up a buffer so I can rewrite Rema's ending and hopefully start on book 2 because I finally have a good center for the story. Also I put my graphic novel proposal on hold so I can focus solely on Rema. It's been a monkey on my back since I was 13 (10 years and counting!) and I realize I won't be able to properly move onto another project until Rema is finished. I am very happy about this.

So that's me. What about you guys? How are your stories going?

Hi Amy! Things are good over here. New York in Spring is beautiful. I am planning a trip down to Battery Park once it warms up. I've lived in and around nyc all of my life, and yet I've seen none of the sights. I regret not checking out the Twin Towers before 9-11, although I passed them so many times.

I can imagine a baby really taking up your time. Its one of the reasons why I never had kids (and probably still won't). I am too selfish and want to devote all of my time to writing. At least my characters listen to me, kids never do.

Right now I am so busy editing, and reediting and re-reediting, my first novel (not watchmage) as per the whims of my publisher. It's a very frustrating process, but I am confident that it will make a better story in the long run, and that's all that matters to me.

You've been working on your serial for 10 years? That is amazing! I don't think I could focus on one project for that long. My mind is too scatte--oooh Navy Seals is on! ;)

Seriously, you must be Carrot Top, cause you get mad props.

Lol at Carrot Top! :D

Oooh so you got a publisher for your first novel! So many congrats! I mean, novels are kind of like babies so no worries. :P And also yes... the revision process is SO grueling! But you're right in that it will be worth it. There is no such thing as a published novel that was made in isolation. You are doing it right. Let us know when it hits the shelves.

I lived in NYC for 7 years (some of HS and through college/post-college). I miss it so much there, I can't even begin to describe it, especially living in LA where the weather is pretty much the same every day and not a single landmark visible from the ground. I was lucky enough to visit the twin towers before they fell, it was pretty crazy. They were very... TALL. :P Have you made the trip up to the cloisters yet? I only managed to squeeze that in my last year living in NYC and was amazed by the Hudson River Valley. There's an amtrak train that goes through there up to Albany and it's just jaw-droppingly beautiful. Try it!

I haven't worked on Rema as a serial for 10 years, but the story itself off and on in various mediums/incarnations, yes. The novel being posted right now has been worked on and rewritten for the last five years alone, with serialization of chapters online beginning in November. It's kind of surreal to be so close to finishing the first book, I almost don't know how to feel. I mean... it's easy to work on something forever when it's your art therapy. :P

I'm fantastic. A little nervous about taxes (for reasons relating to both writing and non-writing), but I'll pull through somehow.

In terms of the writing itself, couldn't be going better. Since February, my readership has doubled in size, and I've made between three and four thousand dollars in donations. Getting good reviews, and I'm starting to get fanfiction, which is surreal. Really gratifying and validating, because I've been putting in 30-45 hours a week on my story for almost two years now, and that's a lot of hours piled on top of all the other stuff I have to do to actually survive and keep from being homeless.

Starting to feel like making a living off my writing alone could actually be a possibility, at some point down the road.

Everything is good, thanks. Finally focusing on the writing I want to do (i.e. genre fiction) rather than half-heartedly doing other stuff because I hope it might be a bit more sellable. Decent response to my first web serial thing, considering some different web-writing projects now.

And my day office job is actually quite eventful at the moment too, which stops it feeling like too much of a trudge, which is good. Woohoo. Glad your stuff is going well - I too have wanted to do something in the graphic novel/comic field for ages, but due to the time/money involved in finding an artist, I keep postponing.

Wildbow - such awesome news!!! So excited for you! ^_^ I can't wait to see your name in lights (although I forget your real name so maybe I won't realize it when it happens... :X . Do you plan on continuing the indie route, or do you ever plan on looking for an agent/publisher for your work? What's your long term plan?

Nick - Those all sound like positive things! This is great. No one is down in the dumps (at the moment!!). And man I love genre fiction. I don't care what anyone says about cliches and tropes -- do them right and I will love you. I'm so glad you're finally giving your true calling a chance! Best of luck! :D

I have published (in one week!) both of the final books in a trilogy that's been hanging unfinished for years now. I am trying to convince myself to relax and take some time off. -_-'s not working...

Like you, in between books. Missing writing but life is filling in all the hours I used to spend on writing with other things like work, more work, travel, friends, books, movies, etc. Did a convention for both art and then for work. Applied for another one but as my artistic output the last few years has dropped, not sure if I'll make jury this time around.

I do itch because I'm not writing on a deadline, but I also appreciate that I've been able to do other things. I FINALLY made some headway on Game of Thrones. Finally did some research I needed to do. Been looking at art, listening to new music, found a beautiful new garden to draw inspiration from (Gibb Gardens in N. Georgia), and worked on some more art.

The only analogy I can think of to define these few months is "summer vacation" or the time off before I hurl myself back into an intense semester or program. Part of me wonders if I really should do this again... serializing is EVIL TORTURE. But I'm finding that I'm having trouble committing things to paper right now without readers breathing down my back. ha.

I think I have to serialize or fail to produce anything in the long run.

MCA congrats on finishing up your trilogy! That's amazing! o_o If I were in your shoes I wouldn't be able to sit on my hands either. My sympathies! :P

SgL when you return from summer vacation you're going to kick ass. Enjoy your "break!" (Hey, GoT can be considered research too... right?)

Wow, sounds like you guys are doing great! Awesome work, everyone.

For me, it has been a less good week. I've been really sick, and had to delay (skip) this week's post, which makes me sad. Thanks goodness for understanding and supportive readers.

I'm currently running headlong towards the end of the Starwalker trilogy (the original 3-book storyline I set out when I started this project). So I'm a little bit sad, a little excited, and still curious about exactly how it's all going to turn out. I'm pretty sure that I'll be continuing on in a new storyline once this one is over, but still, it's good to have a milestone to aim for.

I'm also trying to do a million things in the background, like re-release the Apocalypse Blog ebooks and sorting out a crowdfunding campaign to turn the nearly-done Starwalker into ebooks. And events. And other stuff. Ahhh. Okay, I'm going to lie down again now. Bring on the weekend!