Choose Your Own Adventure?

I decided to play around with Twine and see how I did making my own choose your own adventure story/game. It's based in the same world as my Gray Ranger novel. It's nowhere near done, but I wouldn't mind getting some opinions of what there is already. One guy said I spend too long building the world when I should be giving the readers action right off the bat. What do you guys think? Link is below.

I'm not a huge Twine Story reader, but I really like the hypertext notes idea! Annotations that can help with minor worldbuilding elements but can be skipped if the reader doesn't want to click are a cool idea. I think the story is just fine as far as narrative goes, though it's too short to tell currently since there seems to be only one viable path at the moment. Definitely keep going with this here rather than starting over to make it more "action-packed" at the start.