Christmas Audience Dip

Is it normal for there to be a big drop in readers roughly this time of year? I really want to hope it's just because of the holidays.

I'm getting a lower average for this month compared to last month, but I don't think it's because of Christmas, just that last month was a pretty good one. No noticeable decline in the last few days, but you never know - I could have just got lucky.

On the two Decembers I was writing Worm, I experienced a (slightly) higher average for the month than the month before. The numbers did dip for the week preceding Christmas and the week of Christmas itself, but the overall for the month was still generally better.

Summer was usually worse.

I suspect part of it may be that the clickthroughs from Worm are trailing off, with my readership going elsewhere. A lot of people found World Domination in Retrospect through Worm, and less people are reading Worm now (though I did get another big recommendation, giving the steadily dwindling numbers a bit of a boost, I don't know how that will translate).

Most years I've had a dip in late December/early January. I'm not sure exactly why.

I've actually had one of my biggest readership surges ever in the last couple of weeks, but I guess that might be just because of people seeing my two good WFG reviews (so thanks again to the reviewers!). Still expecting a slight drop-off over the actual days of Christmas due to people being away from their regular computers and stuff.

Wildbow, not sure if that's all of it considering the record high was December 11th. All this past week I've been seeing a dip into the 100s again, and actually hit double digits again yesterday.

So at least now I know it's pretty much just me. Time to commence panicking.

Could just be a freak coincidence. I have to have two or three people read through to meet my average, if it just happens that no one fancies it then my views would drop hugely.

Are your visitors dropping with views? That might mean there's trouble with how people used to be finding it...

I've noticed that I stopped getting people through searches for BDSM and rape porn in various languages, but that's been that way for awhile luckily. Too much information about Bulgarians. That one day had a marked drop in visitors. Aside from that, it's roughly what it was, though more toward the lower end of the average. And yes, it seems that both Worm and Wildbow's blog are the primary referrers, followed by search engines, Tieshaunn, and this very site.

This doesn't have to be seen as a huge, blown-up deal, by the way. No need to attention seek about it. I just freaked when I saw that drop and wondered if that was normal. Luckily, today I'm in too bad of a mood from other things to panic to the degree this news deserves.

I've noticed that I stopped getting people through searches for BDSM and rape porn in various languages, but that's been that way for awhile luckily.

I denote the start of my chapters with roman numerals, and ever since I reached chapter thirty, I've been getting frequent visits from people searching for "zombie xxx" or some variant thereof. It's pretty great.

Those hedonistic Romans and their numerals. At least yours can't be mistaken with people's possible real interest in some violent and degrading stuff (you can have your fantasies, but for all I know some of those searches were for people drooling over real crimes). Of course, if you go changing the name of the story to "Zombie Night" we'll all know why now.

I can already see it now:

World Dominatrix in Retrospect

/golfclap for eventoe.

Worm at

Is a Christmas Audience Dip like a Polar Bear Dip? Or a spinach dip?

No no Fiona, I'm pretty sure it's an advanced step in a Christmas Audience Tango. Like a normal dip, only more minty.

A lot of people read their stuff through work or school computers. You get that dip because its the end of the year rush, and everyone is busy with final projects/reports/year end summary/ finals, ect. less free time in general right now. TV viewership falls, book store sales are up, but thats for presents, not books actually being read. Its not just webfic.

Yeah, I thought I'd get loads of reading (and writing! Oh god, I need to do more..) done given the extra free time, but I've actually been spending all the time doing all the jobs I'd saved up while at work. Serials need to get into someone's routine, which is destroyed by holiday times.

Isn't it funny how there seemed to be so much more writing time when looking at it from the beginning of the holidays?

I've just looked at my stats, and December seems to be my best month yet (it's like all of my readers are sensing that I'm coming towards the end of the volume. There's probably only about four to five chapters left). I've even started getting real comments, instead of the hundreds of spam messages I've been getting for months. Then again, whenever my stats go up, my webfic managed to get on the front page of WFG via a review or something, so that's probably something to do with it too.

But yeah, the holidays screw up the time for everything. My last chapter was unusually short, and I almost expect the same thing for this week's too (New Year's is as busy for my family as Christmas). My only real goal was to get the rough draft (that I do by hand) done before the end of the year, which I managed.

I've written with fingers black on one hand from slamming them in a car door.

I've written with a cold, with a flu-like virus that had me getting up every 15 minutes.

I've written after my landlord had someone over to fix up the lighting in the basement and he cut the (inactive/removed) security system and happened to cut the phone line/internet for the building as well, forcing me to run to the library.

I've written when in school, between exams.

I've pulled all-nighters to write.

But I gotta say, writing during the holidays has consistently been worse than any of the above, for sheer stress and impact on my productivity.