Christmas in July, a Serial Swappers writing exercise

It's time again for that crazy insanity where we actually write for each other! A brief description, the link to actually sign up will be in the first comment.

Serial Swappers is an ongoing project to help bring greater attention to serial fiction online, help us share our audiences, turn people on to new serials they might never have otherwise read, and challenge each other and ourselves as writers and artists. Each swap has a particular theme, for example, our recent April Fools swap was intended to be a joke post that made ridiculous new lines of non canon plot. Our current theme is Christmas In July! The idea is two fold. We will be giving each other presents, then dealing with our own gifts. The intention is for you to write a guest update (non canon) for the serial novel you are assigned too. And leave them a... gift. It may be a character from your own serial, or some object of power, or some concept, like super powers suddenly appearing in a serial that never had super powers before. Then, to match it, after receiving your OWN gift, write an update (again, non canon) dealing with the "present" you were given.

Unlike the April Fools, the guest post nature will likely be best made clear to your readers up front. This allows a bit more freedom in working with previous updates or interludes, rather than trying to work into the current narrative, a serious stopping block in our last Serial Swap Summer is traditionally a rather slow time for serial novels as many readers are away from school or busy with other things, so the hope is to boost interest and numbers while also having fun and challenging ourselves.

So we'd be writing two updates? One for someone else, and then one in response to the one we received?

Thats the thought. that way the fun updates get spaced out through the month, all piecemeal here and there, rather than on one day. I think that might do a better job of upping views?

I may have missed it, but when is the signup deadline for this? I've been having some family health issues lately and I don't want to sign up too far in advance in case stuff changes that would make me unable to participate.

I so wish I could take part again, but I'm horrifically busy. I currently write or edit 4-5 hours a day, every day, even on weekends. :(

Nina, i should put that in the opening, and not teh closing! doh. i was planning on handing out the first round of assignments on cinco de mayho, then any that come in after get matched up every week or so. since we aren't aiming for a specific date, all the way up to teh start of july is cool to get people involved, imo.

Well, I joined up, I may end up doing the stuff near to the deadline(s), but if there is something I've proved thus far with my serial, it is that I can hit the deadlines as they come. I just have severe difficulties when trying to do something not in the final hours ;.;

While I'm game for it, we'll likely have far less pickup given this thing requires two updates.

Dang, I had a lot of fun with that last one and would love to do another, but this basically all going down right as I have to prep for two book releases, so I don't know that I'd be able to see it through. If we do another when I'm not slammed I'll definitely jump in.

Well, to try and keep in a similar distance between them, i was planning on doing one for halloween, but I think you might be doing something extra for that already.

fucking magic....

Ahh yes, that tradition is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Damn if I don't love those idiotic characters.

Just thought I would bump this thread back up into "Latest Discussions", in case there was anyone out there (like me) who was rather busy a couple weeks ago, yet had thought about signing up before "cinco de mayho", as was mentioned above! (I'm in there now, granted with my newer serial.)

I'm keen to try this, but at the moment holding off because I'm not actually sure which serial I would put forward for this. Starwalker is currently on an extended hiatus and I'm not sure if it will be back by then, or if I should put something else I'm working on into the mix.

Thanks to Alex for sorting this out. I hope to have more of a clue about what I'm doing soon!

well, so far we only have 5 for this one, myself included!

I don't know if its the format, or the timing, that makes it less popular? If there was an easier basic guest post format for it, would more of you have signed up?

I like the more flexible timing, personally, because I'll be away for part of July, thus might not be able to participate if it happened to be on a certain week. Though I could see how some people might want firmer deadlines. As to format, I'm perfectly fine with the idea of a double non-canon entry. I dunno. Maybe give it a couple more weeks? Exams might have just ended for anyone in post-secondary.

Signed up, even though I'm a bit unclear WHAT I signed up for :D

A part of me wants to sign up for this, but I'm winding down one serial and beginning the second one. I don't want to have anyone commit to writing my new serial until it's a bit more established, you know? (Plan is to keep this one running longer than my other two, so hopefully this won't be a problem for guest posts going forward.)

Also, I'm still writing a guest post for Oniwasabi that's been taking forever. (Oniwasabi, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I'm a slow piece of trash but it'll probs be done before we're all 80 years old. I'm gettin' there. Movin' her along. Teachin' that ol' cowgirl to sing the blues again.)