Comic Rocket

I found three of my serials listed on Comic Rocket, which is... a crazy-elegant interface for keeping up on web comics. They get loaded into the system and then you can page through them and "mark your place" on where you stop. Once you've added that comic to your list, it will separate your comics into comics you've caught up on and those with new pages to read, something it seems to learn by magic (okay, by constant web crawling, but it looks like magic).

It seems a pretty great way to keep track of your serial reading too. I didn't add any of mine to the database--someone else had! So I guess they're fine with adding serials to it.

Anyway else use it?

I don't use it, but I do have an account. I discovered it when I found that people (or a person) was reading Legion of Nothing with it.

I have an account, but I don't really use it, as the Google Reader RSS reader already does that for me (minus tracking a place during an archive crawl)

I use it to keep up with some really long comics with a huge backlog. I've been listed since last year. The comic rocket guys invited serials to participate through a few twitter chats. Initially I was told they were focused on illustrated stuff but there is really no reason to prevent users from using it for tracking serialised work.

They're quite nice folks and will also put up announcements if you're going to be at a convention or have a kick starter. When they catch you posting tweet updates they'll do a retweet-- a rather nice gesture.

App is in the works as well.

I've never heard of it, but I'll use it now.