Coming back to an old idea I had

A long time ago (or several months, however you like to see it), I asked if introducing a multiverse would be bad. I decided to hold off on an expanded one, while having a very small-scale version. However, I had an idea for a book (not web fiction since that could get confusing, I'll explain that in a minute) that revolved around the multiverse. It would involve five different characters in five different universes, and they would all be completely separate stories until the very end (similar to a cross between The Dark Tower books and Cloud Atlas). It would be mostly fantasy/sci-fi, with each of the different sets of characters trying to accomplish both different and the same things (the same because it would be going to the place between the universes, different because this would be accomplished by doing a different thing in each universe). Does this seem like an interesting idea, or should I not waste my time on this piece of junk?

The concept of switching between the characters like that reminds me of Animorphs.

I think I'd be more interested if I had a sense of why they were trying to go there and perhaps why we are following them. As in, what is the main reason why we're reading these 5 people in a story that don't meet at all except for the ending when we could be reading 5 different stories of people trying to achieve this same goal that all happen to have a cameo with the other separate stories at the end. I hope my meaning was clear there on that concern.

I haven't seen or read Cloud Atlas, but the Dark Tower at least had a goal that existed in all of the universes, but the characters were pulled from their universes to pursue it.

I personally have nothing against multiverses, though, you just need a reason for them.

I'm not sure I was clear; there are six parts. The first five are in the characters' own universes, and then the sixth, which would take up around a third of the book, would take place in the multiverse, with all of the characters working together to complete their goal, possibly with them traveling through their universes.

Why not just go for it? Start a draft and see if it works - I bet you would decide whether it was going to before investing a lot into it. And you will always learn from the exercise.

The advantage of writing a book rather than a web-fiction is you can try things out, and if you want to back to change things. You aren't publishing anything so it's all flexible and you can polish before eventually publishing.

Also, you don't have readers getting invested so if you DO pull the plug if it's not working no one will get annoyed - and you won't loose all the effort you put into getting people to read it in the first place.

Story is characters.

Let me try that again.


The base plot you have is cool. its good furniture. furniture is interesting things for the characters to sit on. You have to make us care about the characters, and WHY they are trying to get to this place. That's all that matters. the most LUDICROUS furniture works, if the characters matter. Your world can be a floating giant wedding cake with different eras of humanity represented on the different layers, and it works if you care about the characters. (I didn't make that up. World of Tiers, look it up. awesome series. Kickaha for the win!)