Company of Crows and Other Tales

So, I finished The Last Skull (for now), and I've picked up another story, Company of Crows, which is in more of a fantasy genre than my previous work (I've been a huge fan of fantasy since forever, and wanted to try something a little more slowly paced than I usually write).

I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone was interested in reading. I've also given thought to starting up a review blog, if only because I've been told my reviews are entertaining, and I'd like to keep reading and writing to stave off the godawful bouts of depression.

I still have to refit the navigation for Company of Crows (at the moment, there are only five chapters, so navigation is minimal--but eventually I'm considering instigating podcasts possibly, along with the standard table of contents), but otherwise I'd love to hear what people think (I've submitted it to webfiction guide already, but I imagine it's going to be a while before it's up and posted on the site).