Comparing recommendations 2: sorting listings

We've put together another tool for comparing recommendations. This one shows listings sorted by the "Who am I like" matches from the first tool. Go to and enter your user-id (the last part of the URL for your shelves). There are direct links for some of you below.

Boring technical stuff: Playing with the Who-am-I-like results, I noticed that two listings were recommended by more than one person. The new tool automates checking for that. For each listing that you recommend, it finds all of the other people who also recommend it. Then it finds all of the sites that each of them recommend. Then it weights each listing based on the sum of the "% match" scores for the users that recommend it (scaled to the sum of all the scores).

Naturally, for the tool to produce anything, you need to have recommended at least one listing, and someone else must have recommended both that same listing and another one.

As before: A real-time display would change frequently, but these data are not real-time. If you make any new recommendations, they won't show up unless Mark downloads and processes the listings again.

Have fun.


Direct links to the tool for active forum users: