Compensating Authors - New Models

I'm hosting a discussion on my Livejournal about alternate methods of compensating authors, kicked off by a Readercon panel that Cecilia Tan transcribed on the same topic:

It might be different for people skimming around for a relaxing read, or people on a site they already love, who are waiting for the next installment; but I read/research online all day almost every day, and I do not look anywhere on the page but at the text I'm following.

Advertizers could put the uncensored fireman's calendar pin-ups on sidebars, banners and footers, with flashing lights and fluoro fireworks. I would not even see them.

Buttons, bowls or special offers are so much white noise.

Others might well have a different view.


I split the my site design in two, with the main content above the fold, and the minor content (mainly the comment section) below, which is where I stick the ads. They don't intrude on the main space then, and since they're run through a big network (ADSDAQ) where advertisers don't check ad placement and just pay for ad views, I don't have to worry about the space not being sold either XD