Completion rate?

For those who know this site better than I - is there a good way to use WFG data to estimate the percentage of serials that actually come to some sort of completion ?

I'm curious about whether it's possible to draw any conclusions of how the completion rates stack up against "webcomics" or webserials online.

That's a really interesting question.

If we wanted to make a project of it, we could theoretically divvy up the serials out there (So SgL takes A to D, I take C-G, etc.) and just go through the list, noting whether they're ongoing, on hiatus, endless, dead or completed.

In webcomics it's very rare for a comic to be formally completed -- usually they're just abandoned. Formally completed comics are often events unto themselves and provoke mourning among the comics adherents. Is it the same on this side of the fence? I'm still sort of the new guy around here. It's only been two years. :)

That assumes anyone comes back here and updates any of their serials once they're done... I have 7 serials listed, 6 of which are completed and available in full online, but I haven't updated most of them. >.<

What M.C.A. said. Strangely, when an author loses interest in their serial, it's very rare for them to actually come and update that fact on WFG. Since there are hundreds of listings on WFG, there's no way the editors can find these listings which claim to be "Updating daily!" and in fact haven't updated since 2009.

But if you comes across any with incorrect status, as in the Broken Links thread, if you email me I will update it.

fmgregory at myway dot com

Thereare 101 stories labelled "complete novels" and 760 in the "all" tag, so 13 percent are labelled done. I imagine the real number might be 15 percent for when writers forget to update, because serials ending incomplete is way more prevalent.

Thanks Gavin - that's the sort of info that will work for me.

Muses Success lists about 500ish, but no way for me to know completion rate.

Juke Pop Serial I think has about 100 or so stories, but none are complete to my knowledge.

Reading past posts from this forum and the now quiet Novelr, I saw a lot of discussion as to why webfic wasn't making more traction. But given the small presence of webfic on the web-- it's hard to see why it would . (In contrast, there are tens of thousands of webcomics on the web according to Mark Waid and other bloggers.) Add to that the rather dismal rate of completion and well.. it's not good.

So... kudos to those who do finish... you guys are a rare lot it seems.

Again thanks. This has been eating at my mind so much that I blogged about it this morning....