Continue old serial after long break or write something new?

Hello all, It has been a long time, nearly a year since I last posted on here. Just wanted to get some opinions from the people who know best, you guys.

I started a web serial about a year and a half ago and wrote for about eight months before life took some rough turns. I stopped writing the serial and its been about a year now. My question is if I should go back to edit and rework my original serial or start a new one. I never stopped writing and I am a bit better writer than when I was writing the serial originally. I never had much of a following, maybe had a few days with 60 or 70 total views on my site when it got listed, but nothing that stuck around. What are your thoughts? fixup the old, or take a fresh run with a new story. I always have ten story lines running around my head, so I am torn.

The serial hasn't been updated in 7 months, so you aren't preserving any readers from its old iteration. I guess it depends on the comparative quality of the stories whether you want to rewrite or write a new one. As far as readers go, though, making a new serial will put you on the right side of webfictionguide for a while once the owner processes your entry. That's usually good for a few hits.

This is one of those "follow your heart" questions. And not for some silly, cheap answer where I pass all responsibility off on you, but for legitimate reasons.

Namely: your attitude matters. You'll be best equipped to do your highest quality performance if you're working on the thing you most want to work on. If you want to rewrite the original failed project, then do that. If you want to move on to something new, then do that.

In either case... there's no notable fanbase to consider, so you can more or less ignore the "business" side of things since no matter how you do the math.

I would, however, strongly recommend that you restart from the beginning regardless of if you're salvaging the old or starting the new. New website, new entry, new everything. The "clean slate" approach is more psychological than anything, but it's a psychology that'll matter to both you and the incoming readers.

I think it is going to make sense to start a new serial. Though it will take a bit more time to get it off the ground, it gives me time to write and prove to myself that I can be dedicated enough to keep it rolling. So off I go to write for a month or two to get enough backlog to have consistently scheduled releases.

Thank you guys for the response. I was torn between the two, but Your follow your heart phrase made me really question if my heart would be in the failed story, or if I was considering it simply to overcome my failure in it. Sometimes it is better to learn from the failure and start fresh than it is to try and turn the failure into something different.

Then that is probably the wisest decision.

You're welcome.

TanaNari gets it.