Corpies listing

So I was just getting caught up on corpies a bit ago, and since I was really enjoying it, I was going to leave a positive review. I was doing just that, and I found out that it isn't listed. Is this on purpose? If so may I ask why?

That's on me, since I'd have been the one who needed to list it. The reason it doesn't have one is that when Corpies started, it was a very tentative, experimental project. I wasn't sure how long it would last, since originally it was a Bonus Chapter only story with no normal schedule. I didn't feel comfortable listing something so outside the usual definitions of a serial, especially when it might not have existed for more than a few months.

By the time I finally decided to make Corpies its own real serial with a normalized schedule, I'd honestly forgotten that I never made a listing for it in the first place, so I didn't think to add one then. Never came up until now to remind me, and I think I will submit for it. There's still a bit to go, even if we are nearing the end, so it would be worthwhile. Thanks for the reminder!

No problem! I'm a massive fan of your writing, and I really wanted to help support it in ways besides buying the ebooks. Is their any other forums/websites that I could review it on?

Zoid, post links to updates on facebook, twitter, whatever social media you use. get more readers! We authors are strange creatures, many of us shrink when eyes are on us, but grow to giants when eyes are on our words.

Will do!