Crazy Fan Theories

Anyone ever have readers/fans discuss crazy fan theories about your work? Were they ever accurate or were they way off? Have you ever had a crazy fan theory about a serial that ended up being true or at least in the ballpark?

Dozens of them. Most of which revolved around who I'd end up murdering next. Some were closer to the mark than others, but they were all entertaining. One of which, a writer even created a little "what if" short that I wound up making canon because it was a better idea than the one I had.

Then there was The Big One. Which I hinted at in the first part of the story and didn't deliver on until the climax. Lots of people guessed it as a joke... but it wasn't until the final few chapters that people's laughter turned into 'holy shit, he might actually do it' then became 'I cannot believe that just happened'.

Some people were thrilled, others were pissed, but everyone had a strong opinion.

Kinda like a microcosm of 2016.

You should have seen it when I revealed that Amber Silverblood and Slayer/Sphinx shared a world. Suddenly everybody was seeing crossovers that didn't exist all over the place. They even thought characters who were in completely unconnected stories were making appearances.

Probably the weirdest was when one reader became convinced I was adding in characters from her favorite anime.

I've had people try (and sometimes succeed) to guess the answers to questions I teased in the stories, but I hesitate to call that a real fan theory rather than plot speculation. In terms of real theories, I think I've only had 2 that really got traction:

1) Super Powereds is a metaphor for college sports. I liked this one, because even though I didn't set out to write it that way, the theory made a good case for it. Lots of team work, class grade minimums, low amount of those who try making the cut, there are definitely parallels there, even if I didn't intend them.

2) There is no actual Drew Hayes. This one has died down since I started doing cons and other in-person stuff, but for a while some people were pitching the idea that I was just a pen name used by other authors, chosen as a nod to the Drew Hayes who passed away, where they could write stories with cursing and action that they couldn't get away with under normal publishers. hence the high output of books every year. I do still get people asking if I'm alive, though. A good reminder to choose your pen name carefully, even if its your real one.

My personal favorite is when readers question if any new character I introduce is a vampire.

'He's a vampire!'

'No, she's definitely one!'

It's fun.

Not really, I don't have enough commenters that they can bounce stuff off of each other. Still trying to build up a community.

Drew, there's been lots of "who's related to who" theories, although I dont think anyone ever figured out just how deep that went until you revealed it.

Personally, i'm still gunning for the Alice's mom is part of Dispatch theory.

@Walter - I'm trying, damn it! :P