Creating a Subreddit about Web Serials

So, I've been kicking around an idea in the back of my mind for a while now. Why not start a subreddit for web fiction? It wouldn't have to be an official WFG sub, but it would be nice to have one of its feature be a list of whenever WFG gets new arrivals, because the goal of this venture would be to get more people reading web serials.

One idea I had include a [Recommend] tag for people looking for various genres. Basically, someone wants to find a web serial in a particular genre. Another thing could be a /r/whowouldwin style serial of the month and serial author of the month.

This wouldn't be a place for the mods to promote their own work, though. I think what should be done is have a wiki page with a list of mods and what our past projects have been. Knowing that, would anyone here still want to help mod it with me? I would want two other mods before I start it. My Reddit username is gmrm4n.

Not exactly what you're talking about, but this does exist:

Thanks for showing it to me. Looks like it needs a little bit of love.

Quite a lot, in fact. I've often thought I should promote it more than I do, and actually link to it. I do get hits from there occasionally.

I'd love to see web fiction get more love in general. I'm planning to include a link to WFG on the last page of my second ebook, but of course that won't make much of a difference if I only sell 50 books.

Every little helps Chrys.

Talk about timing: the 'needs love' thing is now up for discussion.

/r/webfiction has two moderators, one of which hasn't posted anything in the past 4 months, the other of which was commenting on things less than an hour ago but hasn't posted on r/webfiction for over a year.

The idea of a nicely-curated, tagged and organized web fiction subreddit appeals to me a lot. I would be willing to help moderate, promote, link to, setup CSS for, and even create an administrative bot for a new web fiction subreddit, and have already messaged t4nky with my reddit username. I may even pull the trigger and create it myself if t4nky doesn't feel up to it (although the thought of sole-moddship gives me no end of introvert-anxiety).


With no offense meant to u/alaingomez and u/verifiedname, I don't think I'm much interested in trying to revive a subreddit whose mods don't seem to have that much interest left in the place. Attempting to work around a sub with no mod privileges to build a bustling community that might be destroyed or changed at the whim of two guys I don't know sounds like a bad time to me.

It would make a lot of sense if the webfiction sub-reddit was moderated by actual web fiction authors - no offense intended if those two moderators actually ARE authors.

Full credit to u/verifiedname, (s)he just dropped into that discussion thread, so perhaps it's not entirely disinterest. In fact that's actually pretty good considering that discussion started 3 hours ago. But they say pretty much the same thing I'm noticing: it's a very nicely-set-up subreddit, but it's set up to attract writers to drop links to their serials and leave. No discussion, probably no readers, and...idk, again no offense to verifiedname (who actually strikes me as really nice) but I think it could be done better.

Alright, I got moderatorship. Anyone have thoughts on the ideas I proposed, vetting serials and author AMAs? would anyone here be willing to contribute content to that effort? We need to entice readers, people who aren't motivated to visit this forum. We especially want people who don't realize that webfiction is what their lives have been missing. Any ideas?

My master plan: Everyone reads Worm. Afterwards, they'll wonder how they could ever live without web fiction in their lives. :D

I dont use reddit. sorry.

Okay, let me just finish this delicious foot I have in my mouth real quick...mmmm tasty.

The two mods of that subreddit are actively engaged in conversation with everyone in the sub, after less than 8 hours. That's...kinda crazy, and I officially take back what I said about them being disinterested. My bad.

Yeah, they don't seem disinterested. Just kinda hopeless. Want to do better but not sure how.

Made a post. Maybe some of my readers will find their way /r/webfiction/ and decide to do something.

Getting an endorsement from your serial is a huge thing. Thank you!

No worries. Anything to help. Web fiction has been good to me, giving back is the least I can do.

Just looked through the thread on reddit. I don't currently have an account but could definitely join if I could be of help. I would be willing to be a part of the vetting process if needed.

And just a thought - maybe we could also do a sort of "if you like this major published work you may also like this serial" as part of the vetting?

Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot. I get that all the time. :)

I think I'm going to steal that last one, except in thread form.