Creative uses of the Vote system Maddirosex I'm calling you out here.

So, lots of us use the vote system by linking our vote link at the end of each update, on the story, ect.

Maddi has been having some fun over at twisted Cogs, and todays just broke me down in appreciation. She's done reverse phsycology (DONT press the vote button) She made the link the page background color so it was invisible, to make it a scavenger hunt. And today...

Russian Roulette Voting. four unlabeled vote links for four different WFG stories she likes. I just had to point out the FUCKING AWESOME that this is, and give her a round of applause for having fun with the voting system, cross promoting fellow writers, and just generally being bad ass.

I would have to say, that's pretty damn cool. I wish I would have thought of something like that. Then again, I had enough trouble setting up all of my own links, so maybe it was a good idea that I didn't.

Daaaaaaaaamn. I am seriously, seriously impressed by that amount of cross-promotion. I've liked how Maddi set up the 'vote for me' line at the bottom of her updates for a while, but this goes way beyond what I expected. It's made an amazing use of the space for other writers.

Maddi, thank you so much! I'm blown away! God, I've gotta find a way to pay this forward. The bar's been raised, people!

Pretty sure she gave me at least one new reader.

D'aw, thanks you guys :)

My best friend works as a brand manager, and talking to him recently has been making me think a lot about clickthroughs and audience building and stats and things like that, I've been finding it really fun to play around with this sort of thing and watch the result! I'm incredibly gratified to see from that stats that in addition to plenty of people playing vote roulette (um, you're welcome Wildbow, since I think we can all agree that the majority of Twig's 300+ votes are thanks to me ;P), there have also been a lot of people just clicking through to check out the serials themselves!

And for my WFG peeps, if I didn't include your serial in vote links, please don't think it was because I didn't like them as much! I arbitrarily picked six as the number, then selected 5 serials that I think are good, but that doesn't mean I don't like others!

This is awesome, Maddi! (Though I'm super boring, so I just voted for Twisted Cogs. Again.) :)