Critical mass edges closer.

A few more big names and NYT might come looking for y'all, webfics and weblits combined.

We can certainly dream our dreamy dreams.

I read an article about Radiohead going straight to the net with an album, and what I took from that was - go the traditional way and get name recognition and fans first.

I may still try to traditionally publish something one day, if only for that reason.

But eh - for now I'm happy enough sharing my stuff serially on my blog, and for free. And there are people looking - the owner of a small publishing company was following me on the old Twitter account. I googled him and he seemed legit and said in interviews that he was looking for new authors online, people who were selling themselves and writing a lot and building a fanbase, but yeah...

He also said he expected two books a year plus frequent free short stories posted on blogs or something crazy like that from his authors, so not my type of thing. I'm not cranking out commercial products like it's an assembly line. I'm creating art.

I don't know - I'm feeling increasingly alienated from the "mainstream". The whole culture of corporations rule all, status comes from money and the only way to know if you're a good writer is if you get paid, stuff written online is by definition crap because it wasn't pre-approved by rich old white guys who thought they could market it, writing "formulas" and "stock characters" and "happy endings" and worrying more about what will sell than what you feel a need to write - yeah, not into that.

I want more readers. I always want more readers. If more people get turned on to reading online, that's cool with me. If the publishing industry learns from the flaming fireball of fail that is the music industry's response to the net and embraces online culture instead of fighting it, that'd be great.

But I think for now I'll just keep writing and sharing with my friends, the people I've found who get my art and love it. They tell me to be sure and link them to my book on Amazon when, not if, I get discovered. And I'm open to that possibility - joined SheWrites, a writing community for women. Plenty of professionals there - and one who sometimes does editing for small presses said that 10 was "beautifully written and intriguing". So, you know - I'm trying to make connections, trying to get my name and my work out there.

If that pays off and if the cultural and economic stars align and something happens one day, that'll be cool. And if not - I will still have created something of beauty and worth and shared it with those who were open to it.

My ambition is much larger than this: Once I completed a few sub-series/story arcs, I'll offer to the world to buy the rights to make any forms of adaptations (despite I am more interested for video game or anime adaptations) except in print which I'll handle myself. I know this is risky, but if this get successful web fiction will be get more mainstream attention.

Good plan/s. Go big and go hard. :))