Critique Exchange?

The Review Exchange thread made me think of it...

Is there anyone out there who'd like constructive criticism on their writing? As web authors, many of us do not have the kind of help published authors do. We've only got ourselves to catch the general suckiness of a paragraph, or the word that SOUNDS like a word, but really isn't, between each update. So I was wondering...does anyone want to exchange critiques? Reviews are with the reader in mind. THIS feedback is meant to help the writer directly.

I myself am up for just about anything.

I've got a writing group going over on my publisher's forum which takes applications from anyone. A couple of people from the WFG community are already members, so you're more than welcome to drop me a note there.



There's also and other online critique groups you might want to check out.

I wasn't really dying for it, but every now and again I DO wish there was someone to help point out characterization and plot issues.

I go there sometimes. The people are very nice and helped point out some things in my earlier chapters. The issue is that most of the focus seems to go to the inexperienced writers, which is understandable. The community is still pretty awesome though.

Y'know, I've seen things like critique circle before. It reminds me of Urbis, which I'm kind of sketchy about.

I'll check out the writing group Ryan, thanks!

Back in the Days Of Yore, I used to do some critiquing. For pleasure, when I could, and as part of my editor-job on the magazine. It's fun stuff, IF the person receiving the critique is actually looking for one. Sometimes, they're only lookin' for praise. So that's always something to keep in mind.

But I think getting opinions is fantastic. It's a good thing to bring up, Eikasia. I, personally, tend to get more value just from showing my story to readers and hearing whether or not they liked it (that's about as deep as it gets on me), and the figuring-out-process is just a conversation going in my head. (Does that make sense?)

There's Critters too. Is that the address? I can't remember. I still get e-mails from them regularly...