Cross Pollination With Other Sites

So I've noticed that over the past little while WFG has been getting a lot of new submissions from both fictions at RRL and now Gravity Tales.

The Divine Elements for example has sky rocketed all the way to the #2 spot on TWF. This means that TWF is getting a lot more competitive, and may become even more competitive in the future.

On the plus side I'm hopeful that this will increase the WFG user base. In the short term it's going to hurt my TWF ranking though. :P

Not that I can really complain since I host my story on RRL as well, even if I was a member here first. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this.

That's how it's supposed to work. The whole idea of Top Web Fiction is that people go to promote their favorite story, and find out about other stories in the process. The more serials there are and the more people who go to vote for them the better.

's friggin great. The more, the merrier.


Ahem. What George M. Frost said. :D

Please don't pollinate the crosses.

Jesus has allergies.

I like the idea of communities tied together like that. Hopefully it strengthens all the sites involved, and through that helps more writers find like-minded groups to hang out with. Good things.

Looks like "Divine" is now #1. I suppose my thought would be, how did you know the source for the other fictions were RRL and Gravity Tales? Was it clicking through and looking, or information through the other groups, or other sources? I'm curious because I'm particularly bad at finding writing groups, in no small part because I'm insane enough to run both a serial AND a webcomic on top of a full time job... so I only trend to places via word of mouth in my non-abundant spare time. (I'm not even sure what RRL stands for. -.-)

Regarding the list itself, I mostly shrug - the only time I appeared (in a subcategory) was when I voted for myself. I mostly see it as a way to boost others. I do notice some of the subcategories aren't as populated, wonder if that means more people trying in those genres?

I hang out at RRL a fair bit, so I recognized a lot of the series. Gravity Tales is also pretty infamous at RRL...

Hmm. I'll have to look into adding my story to their lists as well. Because why not?

Just out of curiosity, what is RRL?

Royal Road (I think)

I just looked into it... the formatting on there looks like a nightmare.

Yeah, the acronym bothers me too. I would accept RRD or RYRD or RLRD. But RRL just doesn't make much sense.

Still, I'd recommend looking around and seeing if you didn't want to throw up at least the first arc of your story. There are a lot of web serial readers there, and it's been a good source of traffic. Not one of my best, but I've gotten over 60 readers in the span of a couple months? So worth it, I'd say.

(I've also gotten some truly hilarious comments. Like, omg. They always make me laugh.)

Billy, do you know if copying the html version of a chapter (from Wordpress) into RRL will keep the formatting?

I'd love a few more comments. My readers are so quiet! :(

I should really know what "html version" means. I don't.

What I CAN say is that I just copy my posts on the website itself (so the posts as they appear to the reader; I don't copy anything from Wordpress's backend), then paste them straight into Royal Road. Haven't had any problems with that.

(By "formatting problems," I meant that the forum/thread-based system of posting just seemed really weird.)

And it keeps the italics and everything? I tried it with the prologue. Got a giant wall of text without italics or spaces between paragraphs. :(

Yikes, sorry. I actually lost italics when I converted from my old site to Megapulp, and I was too lazy to change it, so that wasn't an issue for me. But yeah, I don't lose the spaces between paragraphs when I copy and post.

RRL keeps italics but for the acceptance-post.

Apart from that it fails in every other way as a publishing-tool (only talking about the upload/writing part).

The way this site primarily caters to super-hero stories RRL runs with VR and reincarnation -stories.

Reminds me of when I joined the Epiguide back at the turn of the millennium, and everyone was writing soap operas. Then Harry Potter happened.

wfg doesn't cater to superhero stories, that just happens to be a popular thing at the moment. Once upon a time it was zombie fiction.

Figured the formatting on RRL out. I'm doomed! Now I have even more stats to obsess over and distract me from writing. :(