Crossover Experiment anyone?

Springboarding off the discussion about successful weblit elsewhere in the forum, I had an idea thanks to Allan. He suggested crossovers between dfferent writers' characters where appropriate. Not only would this be fun for writers and readers, but it would create more exposure for stories -- the two audiences would overlap.

Allan, very kindly, mentioned my own protagonist, Diggory Franklin. Currently he's not really on the market for a cross over with say Dash from Allan's supernatural thrillers, because Diggory lives in a world much like our own until 2008 when he finds out his girlfriend invents time travel. There's no room for ghosts or monsters in his realm -- though I wouldn't rule out what might happen in the future. One of Diggory's contemporaries, Dahlia Sorley, is currently embroiled in a superhero crossover as we speak, so eventually he might be available.

No Man an Island is a completed story right now, so there's not a lot of wiggle room for a crossover there either. But I have an idea based on something else Allan said in a comment on my site months and months ago. He asked if I'd ever consider letting people contribute to my Samaritan Project with side stories. At the time the story was still finding a direction, but I didn't forget the idea.

Soooooo -- what I'm proposing is to let other kids play with my toys. In other words, I'm inviting any writers or readers who want to try writing to come over to the Samaritan Project on my site and check out the characters. I'm currently on Volume 3, using the unnamed protagonist and his two friends Dorothy and Rebecca, but the rest of the characters are "off-stage" and could very well have stories of their own.

You can write spy missions, skirmishes, origin stories, an ordinary day, or crossover with your own characters if there seems to be a good fit. I'll blog about your story site in return, with a review and a link so my readers are aware of your work. Or reciprocate with collaborating with your characters if you want -- that might be fun. I'll act as editor for the story you submit ([email protected]) or give suggestions if you get stuck -- but mostly you'll have creative freedom to play with my characters. If it doesn't suit my continuity somehow, I can always make it a fun Elseworlds/What If variant like DC comics or Marvel. But I'm sure there's room to accomodate a lot of ideas.

Any takers? I think it would be fun. Here's the link to Samaritan's start:

Thanks for the offer and I'm quite interested with crossovers, but I'm too busy for these sort of things. But I think I can allow you to use the magic system of Chaos Fighters (of course you have to credit me and link back to and make stories with your characters and settings. If you are interested, you can email me ([email protected]) and I'll give you the system as soon as possible.

Seriously, I'd like to start some collaborative work -- if people don't want just reviews, we can partner on me writing guest chapters for your story, or creating something unique, or whatever imaginations come up with. I just think it would be fun.

Honestly, I'd love to do a new collaborative story, short or long form -- just not in webfiction format. If I'm writing something then I'm gonna go for paid publication, kind of thing. I've had some encouraging responses lately that I really want to follow up on.

I figure that's not really what you're after, though. Sorry.



Well, since it was my idea, I'll go ahead and jump onboard. :)

I would be interested, but at the moment I've started a new job/career and don't know how much time I can realistically devote at this moment in time. Do you have specific characters in mind Gavin, or is it just a general free-for-all? Is there a deadline?

It's totally open-ended. I want to foster collaboration in the community in general, so if I can do that by reviewing, blogging or even working with other people's characters, I'm open to it.

For this, all my Samaritan characters are on the table except for the unnamed protagonist and his friends Dorothy and Rebecca, because I'm still working on the current arch that's establishing them.

The rest are wide open and so are the stories you can tell. No deadlines, this is supposed to be fun.

I'm interested. I'm trying to figure out if I have time to be interested.

That's the beauty of it, Jim, you don't need to pick a time! It's like free play, whenever someone has a story I'm down with helping or just editing. I think it would be cool to just have random side stories for audiences to enjoy and see other authors' takes on characters, and what they would do with a particular universe. Kind of like the way guest artists and writers and characters interact in comic books -- when Punisher fights Spidey, or Batman and Superman team up, or Frank Miller working with Todd MacFarlane on Spawn in the 90s for a few issues.

Hey I totally forgot about this -- so I figured I'd ask if anyone was still interested?

It sounds like a really neat idea...unfortunately, I don't really think that I'd be able to cross much of anyone over, given the end-of-the-world nature of my current project (of course, there's the possibility of alternate versions of the characters, I guess, moving through a world that hasn't ended).

Well, there aren't any rules -- you can bring your characters over just for the fun of using them with mine, or just play with my toys -- it's pretty much open-ended.

The April Fool's Day author swap was fun, and this should be fun like that too.

I'm making a new thread about this to revise the idea, just so everyone knows.

Who would be up to creating a new world/story as a collab?

That would be fun as well!