Dates and Locations

Question regarding dates and alien locations. For my story I'm using multiple calendars since events take place on two different planets. Do you think I should label the time and location of a chapter during at the beginning of each post? or should I sprinkle information throughout the story and leave it for the reader to piece together later?

I wouldn't do it unless the time and date are integral to the story in some way, like establishing a timeline for a murder mystery or something more historically focused. Does it lessen the readers' understanding of the events of they don't know the time/location up front?

Honestly, I'd keep a separate log for the timeline instead of putting it into the chapter itself.


You have a table of contents, presumably? Could you put the dates in that instead?

Speaking from painful experience:

When outlining your serial, include dates on every plot point. Even if that never ends up in the story, you will be glad when noting "Such and such happened X days/weeks ago" / "Someone said this to someone else Y days ago" etc.

If I'd have been good about this from the onset, a lot of my background headaches and re-reading to check my facts would have gone a lot smoother on From Winter's Ashes. :)

I think I'll keep a personal log for time and locations, to make note of certain events. Adding it to the table of contents sounds good too. I might add them to the chapters after the whole novel is finished and edited, but that's far from now. Thanks guys.