Dear Wordpress: Fix Your ****ing Shit


So, I am starting not to be able to trust Wordpress site metrics. On the visitors count it will say there's only one visitor. However, on the frigging list of countries, there are some views from the US and some views from Germany. Interestingly enough, those aren't even close to being the same place. This makes me wonder, are these stats I receive accurate? Are the other stats I get also busted?

You might not think this is a big deal. However, I don't get very many comments. Yeah, I've got 66 comments (63 more than the previous time I tried this,) but 33 are from me. The other 33 are few and far between. By far and away, traffic data is the best way I have of knowing what other people think of me. If it gives me wrong information, it kind of fucks me over.



Well. I, for one, having been the recipient of many a Twenty-Thirteen update, would dearly appreciate if Wordpress could stop reverting to putting fucking hyphen breaks in my paragraphs.

I SAID NO, WORDPRESS. JESUS. Even the CSS Editor has trouble remembering, so I have to go into the parent, gut that, and only then will it finally stick. But - every time! Seriously!

t4nky - I've been wondering about Wordpress's stats lately as well. I added Jetpack to my self-hosted WP and have only recently started seeing the standard WP stats, and they're really different to what my web host stats say.

This thread prompted me to do some digging around, and this page answers it:


The following are not reflected in your stats:

- Visits to uploaded documents and files

- Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images

- GoogleBot and other search engine spiders

- Visits you make to your own publicly available blog (when logged in to your account)

- Visits by users that are logged in, and listed as admins on the blog

The FAQs might help shed some light on the patterns you're seeing, too.

Tartra - any updates you allow for a theme you've adapted will wipe out your changes. The best way around this is to rename the theme's folder on your web server (assuming you're self-hosted), so it won't update any more. If you're on, I don't know if you can do that. Otherwise, just don't apply any updates to the theme. It should give you that option!

Well, visits by admins not being logged is actually useful. I don't want to mistake me looking at a site for a reader.

Wordpress' stats are close enough to Google Analytics that I don't worry about it much. The comments? Well... They seem to be accurate for this year, but I suspect they ridiculously overcounted last year.

I don't spend a lot of time worrying about WP's flaws, though. It works well most of the time.

The visitors and views thing is lagged. It will count views fairly quickly, but visitors can take a while. This leads to issues such as you are refering to, with views from all over the world and only a single visitor. A very mundane and simple explanation for what could have been really fun. Portals or jumpers would be far more interesting.

The constant changes in wordpress are getting to be incredibly irritating though. Their shift to a mobile focus, with lots of pages of data that waste loads of screen space, and tell you very little that is of use. The altered editor that has reduced functionality over its predecessor. Stuff like that is far more worrying than anything else they have done.

I've never used the moblie app. Why? Looking at the reviews, a bunch of the 1-star reviews mention a bug that causes all your site data to get wiped. All of it, gone.

I had the mobile app and didn't mind it, but the synching lagged a little between its updates and the main site's updates. In the end, I went back to using the mobile site.

Ive never used it either, yet wordpress are insistent about making everything look good on mobile devices, even our dashboard stuff. No settings are available to revert it to something that is more functional.

There was quite a big uproar on their forums about the changes, and the number of bloggers that do not use mobile that are angry that everything has to be changed to suit mobile.

I dont know about you, but I am very unlikely to write a post while away from my computer.

I often write the next post directly into the mobile app on my tablet while taking my lunch break. Sometimes I even write on it at home.

I haven't had problems with it so far--except for the ones that result from using the Jetack plugin instead of I can't do anything to the notifications except read them. I have to go to the comments section to respond.

I haven't had any problems with the mobile app, but I don't post from it. Just answer comments and check stats. I have noticed stats not being counted though. I had a few likes on a chapter, but no views counted on my site at all, ever. It was really weird to me, but I thought maybe they read the story off my site somehow? Not really sure how that worked.

If they are likes from followers they can like it from their reader.

Ah. I did not know that. Thank you, Tempest. I'm not sure if they were actually following at the time, but that definitely makes sense.

WordPress, for me, tends to lose anchor on pages when I'm editing them through the main page. It will also prevent me from choosing "Parent Pages" beyond about four right now. If I do it through the dashboard, no issues.