Defunct listings...

To the site administrators and editors ,I must regretfully announce that several of my webserial stories have been removed from my web site and from my blog. They are still available as ebooks, but as they are no longer free, they do not qualify as webfiction. I wished to inform you of this change, and let you know what stories were no longer available.

Zombie Punter, Blind Rage, Waiting for a Miracle, and Blood Relations are no longer hosted on my site archives.

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for letting us know. I've updated your listings.


Chris, thank you very much for the quick response.

Glad I got a chance to read some of them before they went defunct! I LOVED Zombie Punter!

Hi Cassandra, and thanks for reading my stories. Although a lot of my stories have been taken down, I still have plenty of free fiction for new readers to check out before they have to commit funds to the ebooks.

Zombie Punter is no longer free, but I still could use feedback if you might be interested in posting your thoughts in a review. I should also let you know that there is a sequel to Zombie Punter, which should be out next month as an ebook. It's titled Confessions of a Zombie Lover and will follow G's story after the end of the murder trial in the first book.

I know I said it already, but thanks again for reading my stories. =^)

Hi Zoe...and you're most welcome! I actually attempted to write a review about halfway through, but I had mixed feelings about the story then...I'm something of a zombie purist and any deviation from "Romero standard" generally puts me off. But I really LOVED Zombie Punter by the tile I got to the end. I really can't wait to read the sequel.

And you're welcome again! LOL

Heh, yes, my zombies are definitely not pure breed Romero, though I'm a huge fan of his work. In fact we watched the original Night of the Living Dead about two weeks ago. =^D No matter which monster I take on, I'm sure to corrupt it in some way. Cause I'm ebil, and that's how I roll. So purists may hate me. And, that's okay. X3

Thanks again, and I hope you love the sequel as much as you did the first episode. =^)

And while you're waiting for Confessions you could read Dating in the Post-Zombie World which is also by Zoe if you haven't seen it yet.

It has hilarious cucumber jokes as well as lots of Zombies. XD


Actually...I've already read it. I had just forgotten who wrote it. LOL I read it months ago....but I loved it. Itold a friend about "Dating" and she was pissed because I couldn't remember the title or author lol....

Dating in the Post-Zombie World was something hubby requested, as he wanted to see something that took place long after the day of the outbreak, to see how people adapted. I chose to make the story setting in the countryside, and I made up the details about the new matriarchal system. And then, once it was written, I got distracted by several new shiny projects and only did a few promotions for it. I did read part one as a guest for a podcast program, but after that, it was one of my short stories that just didn't get enough attention from me to help it take off.

Crap, now I feel guilty for abandoning it. (*._.) I'd feel guilty, but I'm just about to end a season of edits, and I've got my choice of THREE new shinies to choose from, two novellas and a novel. I'm just too distracted for guilt to last long. (>.>)

Anyway, glad you both like Dating... Hubby has been hounding me to write a sequel in the same world, but with different characters, so I've also been thinking about doing something with Cora, the "rude girl" from part three. =^) So perhaps someday I might have a reason to come back and promote it properly.

I'd love sequel. I can't wait to read it! And I will be sure to Steph the link to the first one. Let us know when you get the sequel written...if you do. I, for one, am really looking forward to it.


something about Cora would be great...I actually wondered about her. I made up this whole background story on her as to how she had someone, but he was killed....and then the other women wouldn't let her marry (or whatever) again. LOL....I'm sorry, I always irrationally interested in background characters

Cora and Miguel Ramos require some explanation. Being a longtime fan of comics books and Star Trek, I am of course a subscriber to the creative concept of a multiverse, so some characters exist in multiple stories in different roles for each world. So Cat Murphy is also a recovering "easy" girl, Terry Winslow, in Little Monsters, and she's also the superhero Terry Donalds in A Frosty Girl's Cure. Cora and Miguel are also in Little Monsters, though in vastly different roles as a self-loathing mage and a prematurely aged halfling. Miguel is Cora's godfather in one world, and her adopted father in the other.

Sure, it's silly, but it gives regular readers something else to look forward to, wondering if there will be any recurring characters when I introduce a new series. =^)

The beautiful thing about allowing multiverse into your work is that it makes fan fiction easy without diluting story.

Yep, and it allows for "What If" type crossovers that wouldn't be cannon. Lots of fun can be had if you go universe hopping, and I believe there was even a WebLit crossover that explored the idea.

Since Cassandra expressed an interest in the sequel to Zombie Punter (and Becka reminded me), I just wanted to briefly mention that Confessions of a Zombie Lover is now out on Smashwords and Amazon. Here is the blurb and links, if you're interested:



If you pick up a copy, I'd love to know what you think of it. =^) And thanks for reading this! there's actually no more listings from me. After careful consideration over the last few months, I have decided to take down my web sites and pull my stories from most markets. While I will continue to write as a hobby, I will no longer bother with promoting the final results of my word tinkering. I want to note that my decision has nothing to do with WFG, or any of the writers involved with the WebLit community. You folks were awesomesauce, with a side order of win. I asked for help, and you helped. So you rock.

I'm just burnt out, and I no longer see the point of going on in the face of unending indifference. I wish y'all the best of luck with your own writing endeavors. But I'm done playing, and I'm ready to move on to other creative efforts. I'm sorry once again for messing up your database by making yet more defunct listings.

Zoe, I am really sorry to hear that. The choice is yours, of course, but don't take the indifference personally. In all these years, and thousands of books read, I have never once considered contacting an author to comment - until I began reading the forums on web based fiction. Now I make myself comment when I have nothing at all I want to say.

Readers just don't feel compelled to interact and their reasons are many, and assumptions on their reasons aren't reality, only perception. That can change with the mood and how much lovin' we need that day.

Best of luck.


Hi Zoe,

I'm also sorry to hear that, but I've updated the listings for you. Please be sure to let us know if you ever decide to put them back up again.

All the best to you!