Depressed when it's all over?

I just posted up the final chapter of Novel 1 in The Peacock King Trilogy. I finished writing the actual novel sometime in January, so my posts have mostly consisted of that backlog plus some edits as I go. Basically when I've been posting, I haven't been writing anything new. It's been *done* for two months. After I was finished writing I felt kind of weird, like there was no more work to do and this sort of confused me, and I expected to need a break but was surprised that that wasn't the case.

Now that I've actually POSTED the last chapter, I'm totally mopey about it. I had to force myself to finish the illustration for it today so that I COULD post it. I didn't expect to be this sad, especially since I've got a good chunk of Novel 2 already written! It's like my baby grew up, and now I get to go through the troublesome years of raising a teenager.

Has anybody else felt like this after finishing a story, or an I just a nut?

Awww... *hugs*

I don't personally have this issue - too many stories on the go at once - but I know a lot of writers do. You're definitely not alone :-)

It was the weirdest time ever after I finished the first book of Street. Publishing it was even weirder. I barely did any work on the second book until the first was released in print and the second was supposed to be back up and running. Had a hard time getting it going, too. Felt like I was going to have difficulty recapturing the magic. Also sales of Empathy didn't match my unrealistic hopes, so that left me down in the dumps too.

It's taken me a long time to fully rebuild my writing confidence. That's okay, though, I've got it back now.



I've been struck by how empty I felt when I finished 7 Days. Something that was such a part of my life for a long time was suddenly gone. It was kind of like losing a good friend. Of course, after so many revisions, I just want to be done with it...

Not that I don't love it.

Also, I like the "things silly authors do" tag on this post.

At first, I thought that after I finished the story I put up those extras and have some rest, while drafting my second story. But it seems like if I do this, some people will think I'm not updating. Thus, I posted up a side story. Now I'm become busy.

I keep thinking about what's going to happen when Book 1 of IAR. It's amazing that I even got one story arc done. I don't know what I'm going to do when the whole series is done. It's been a part of my life forever.

Definitely agree with Sora's sentiments on the story being DONE. At least I've got lots more PK novels in the queue to write. It would be quite a head trip if I stopped writing in this series altogether. Since I moved to Oregon, it sort of started up, so it's been a part of me making a new life for myself, and a part of that new life.

Hmm...since that I have to complete 8 more to compete the story arc (9 if I include the spin-off) won't bother whether that I'll make a new story arc. But if I completed that (perhaps in 4-5 years time), I will start a new story arc which will happen in a totally different dimension, which is filled with 1's and 0's. Hopefully I can complete the in time.

@irk and grantcravens: Congratulations for finishing your stories (or at least the first parts of them)!

I hear you on the depressed front. I end up just feeling listless. After investing so much time and energy into one thing, it's weird to think that it's all grown up and done.

I was just talking about finishing a serial to MCM, actually. He mentioned the fact that you could, if you wanted to, re-serialize the story, as in take it all down and begin posting it again.

I can see why that would be nice from both author and reader POV (lots of people seem turned off by having to read large chunks of literature, and prefer bite-sized updates), but MCM was thinking about it from a business point of view (so he could perhaps make more money on ebook sales).

I don't think I'll do it as I can't see the end of my serial at the moment, and think it'll evolve into several book arcs. It's something to consider, anyhow.

The end is too far away to contemplate. I barely plan 24 hours ahead, let alone 10 years! Besides, I've got 43,276 other projects and plans to fill the time XD

Freezing time for everyone but myself (and not ageing during said frozen time) would be the only way I could achieve everything I want D:

I completely understand. When I finish writing a novel, my sense of accomplishment lasts about 1 day and then I just feel like I've stuffed the whole story in a bottle and tossed it into the sea. The only cure is to start writing something else. I believe one can only tinker and edit a story for so long before it must be published and called done. I do like the companionship of always having a novel to work on, knowing that the task is always there for me when I need to use creative energy. When a novel is finished, I do miss working on it. If you are having similar feelings it must mean that you really put a lot of your heart in the writing and it's probably good.