Describe Your Serial in Three Words

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Goblin dark fantasy.

Boy saves girl

Friends in trouble

History is war.

Breaking into Hell (but I'm not listed yet so hold that thought)

Realistic superhero deconstruction.

(hence the cover girl with powers, but no costume.)

Dimension-hopping assassin.

Four badass teenagers.

(So damn many I could go with...)

Deadpool meets wanted.


Crazy shit happens

(or, for Carlin fans)

A Modern Man:

Anti-hero desert western

Read the title.

Southwestern paranormal misadventures.

Battling Temporal Destiny

(I can't figure out if that scans better or worse than "Fight the Future", but X-Files probably has the trademark on that anyway.)

Superheroes, spies, college.

Psycho, I personally think that Prepare Your Butthole fits better for world domination in retrospect fits better. Or oh god why

Transition and restart

The ship's log.

Every Villain Is Lemons - that's four though, so I lose.

Villians are lemons?