dialougless writing?

So, im trying to get back into writing, and also doing research for some future projects for when I finish the ones im on. In doing that research, im reading a few of Teddy Roosevelt's books, as one of my ideas is kind of a ... lost book of his. The dude is a fricken documentarian though, and I'm worried about how well copying his style will work. He's telling a story, like he was sitting with you in a bar, jawing, but ... When i tell storys, I love quotes. I'll tell a story like,

And then the guy looks at me and says, "What am I, chopped liver?"

Teddy would tell it,

The gentleman looked at me intently, his jovial tone of voice belying his crude colloquialisms, and suggested that I wasn't taking him as seriously as I should.

Now, I for one love that style, its refreshing and archaic at the same time, and I think i could do a good job emulating it... but... would it be too big of a turn off to the readers?

Like all things, if done well it could be awesome. I really do like your example; I'm not sure what makes my readers tick, but I would read that.

I think, to make it work is going to be a pain, i think i might write it in straight first person, then go back and REWRITE it in teddy documentary style.

he erally likes his details and mintuae two, he likes digressing into large amounts of knowledge he has from other sources.