Diggory is Dying

"The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin" told you from the title that the main character was going to die. The final days are in count-down mode, so I just thought it would be a good time for anyone who's been following the story to take a moment and think about maybe doing a review to encompass the last three years, as Diggory's narrative cycle comes to a close.

The GOOD NEWS is that the story ISN'T over -- there's the ongoing side threads featuring his father Dempsey and sister-in-law Dahlia, but more importantly, his wife Calla will take over as narrator when Book 10 finishes. A lot of unanswered questions will start being resolved -- and I'll invent whole new mysteries for readers to puzzle over!

So it's a great time to do a look at the whole story so far, but also a good time for new readers to think about jumping onboard as Calla takes her time in the spotlight.

Diggory's dead. Retrospectives anyone?

Well damn, I need to actually find the time to read more of it now! I do love when webfiction stories END. so many of them seem to be soap operas, always a new episode. Yay Endings!

Technically a character ended, there are still other characters and storylines. Books One through Book Ten can be considered (almost) a complete story though because the narrator died. His Surprising Life is over. Now the other people can deal with the aftermath of his Death.

I just think it's an appropriate time to look back, and then for new readers to jump onboard.

For anyone who's been following the story or interested in the experiment of "What happens to a story when you kill the protagonist?" I have a bit of an update:

First, this is a "learn as you go" situation because it doesn't happen very often and I don't think there's exactly a rulebook. However, there has been a bit of a dip in my daily visitors -- I'm not sure if that's signficant yet because it's recent. It could be sunny weather, it could be coincidence, or it could be readers feeling less engaged because Diggory is gone.

One of the things that might be "boring" is that the story is showing the events of Book 1 from Calla's perspective -- so it only seems like so much "new" information might be made available. To counteract that feeling of stagnation, I'm also doing bonus chapters every week featuring the adventures of Calla's sister, Dahlia, who is a time-travelling CIA agent. that way, people have something fresh to read. PLUS I just started doing a weekly chapter of what happens AFTER Diggory died, instead of waiting, because then the main narrative still has some NEW plot instead of the "flashbacks" of Calla's Book 1 point of view.

I'm hoping by revisiting the past AND doing chapters of the present narrative AND the future, maybe there will be enough going on to please any type of reader -- and I figured I should say so here in case people are interested.

I'm hoping people care enough about the story itself that they can care about the new protagonists, Calla and Dahlia, and there's still all the mysteries surrounding the antagonist, Zebediah.

But, in case people thought the flashbacks of Book 1 from Calla's perspective would just be revisiting the same scenes, they are about to be surprised. The story you thought you knew might not be what you thought it was! Stay tuned!