gets serious

I've been meaning to get serious about being more of a destination for web fiction than a simple low-/no-cost hosting service for writers, and now I've finally cleared some mental bandwidth to work on it.

--The DN home page now shows the latest chapters of our members, "something new to read every day." (So far, completely accurate, in spades! Here's hoping everyone keeps updating like this!)

--Soon, all DN sites, paid and ad-supported, will bear a top banner showing membership in the cluster and a drop-down menu to all the other sites. Paid sites will have a very narrow identifying banner; ad-supported will have a larger one, with a PW banner ad in it.

--Once we have a real logo, as opposed to a font, I'll be running a PW ad campaign to promote the whole shebang. DN authors are (voluntarily) kicking in some funds to help out, since right now I make less than $5/mo total on ads across DN. The ones who kick in are the ones who get featured in the ads.

--I'm cleaning house. Sites with no activity in the last six months will be dropped from the front page and the drop-down, will get a query on whether they've abandoned the site, and will then be deleted and their databases emailed to them.

--I'm raising the set-up fee to $20 on 1/1/10. If you've been considering a DN site, now's the time to do it.

Man, I'd be all over this if I hadn't spent the better part of a year working with a WordPress setup. If I hadn't moved once already in the last year, I'd be so there.

With luck, it'll be around when you're ready to move again. :)