Dilbert is writing, or not

This week Dilbert the cartoon engineer is trying to write a novel (www.dilbert.com).

In contrast to Dilbert, I'd like to congratulate all the authors I'm following who are doing a great job of keeping up with story posts during these summer doldrums. Kudos all of you.


*goes back to picking at the update she's been trying write for THREE DAMN MONTHS I HATE WHEN THIS STORY WON'T COOPERATE AAAHHHHHHHHHH!! *

Well, at least he hasn't discovered deadlines. Then he'd never write anything.

Man. Dilbert's book plans didn't even last past Wednesday. That's a bit sad.

I'm guessing "summer doldrums" refers to the lower level of engagement that seems to exist here and elsewhere? Because I've been highly productive, so I'm hardly feeling glum. Not sure if anyone trying the WeSeWriMo feels similarly or what.

I tend to have a hard time in summer for much the same reason I have a hard time over the Christmas holidays. What's vacation time for most is time when I'm trying to maintain my schedule while also trying to play ball, at least a little, with family members or friends who are doing whatever. There's usually a lot of drama, too.

From a writing standpoint, it can be hot or unpredictable weather-wise, and the readership/discussion tends to dip a little, or at least stall, with people on vacation, or just enough people that some of the usual conversation-starters aren't around. I know I often miss the guy who comments and points people to Topwebfiction after most chapters.

Due to the industry I work in (video games), summer is the BEST time for me to write generally, as it's typically quiet. That is until the company announces we are launching this year. (cue silent internal scream of terror).

Main thing I'm terrible at is spreading the gospel of my story. That's freaking hard.