Do I Hear the Dulcet Chords of... Baaaatmaaaan?

If anyone who sees this is like me, then A) the world is in trouble, and B) they may have encountered a particularly fitting swatch of soundtracks to pin to the stuff coming out of them like a theme song. Exemplar: the Simulacrum of Dread has something of a nice fit in The Spy Hunter, of Project 86's Songs to Burn Your Bridges By; Mourners, Abednego, Persistence seems to have a long-lost sibling in Ambigram, of Project 86's Knives to the Future; also, Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage (to be forthcoming after some long while) was basically imagined alongside Something We Can't Be, of Project 86's And the Rest Will Follow.


Anyone else have a sort of epiphany in finding songs that just suit their oeuvre like so? Broken-record patterns of taste optional.

Sure. Not as fun as finding naked models that look just like my characters.

...There are about eleven different possible responses to that, and I back slowly away from the bar table where ten of them are drinking absinthe together.

Yeah, I get that a lot.


Answering seriously, though, I'm just not much of a music guy, so my range of exposure is kind of limited. However, there has been the occasional song that felt really clicked with a character of mine. One of the best examples involves one story in a series I tried to write way back when. There was a psychic character I had whose story was that he was overwhelmed with all the sorrow and pain and self-doubt he saw in people's minds, and he tried to take control of a whole city to force some kind of peace and unity. Didn't work out, and he had to realize he wasn't able to get over his own dark side, so he goes on a redemption arc.

The song "Fine Again" by Seether already seemed to resonate with the character and his struggle, but when I saw the music video, I felt like it had clicked fully. If you watch it, you see a whole series of people standing around, holding signs that show their inner thoughts, often in contrast to their outer appearance; this I felt was a perfect way to show the effect the psychic character had, where in his day to day life, he was unable to accept the social mask of a person's surface appearance and go about his day, because everyone he looked at, he knew their inner thoughts, and it was slowly breaking him.

Yes and no.

Yes I do listen to music while I'm writing but not all the time. What music that I do listen to doesn't quite fit into what I'm writing most of the time. Epic music and my main characters having a heart-to-heart doesn't go well together. I mean I listen to a lot of Two Steps from Hell. Their music is often times, epic, awesome sounding, bombastic, and often time the exact opposite of what I'm working on.

However, there are a few songs I can match to characters. Heck, I could make a character playlists of consisting of all Two Step from Hell and Phil Lober songs.

Hmmm. Run into Seether plenty before, but never heard of Two Steps From Hell. Very soundtrack-appropriate.

Actually I almost forgot, but my friend was reading Graven while listening to music. The song Eulogy by Tool just happened to come on during a particularly apropos moment in the narrative.