Do I need a new website?

I've been using Wix to build my website for years because it's super simple and I have absolutely no coding knowledge or money to have someone else make one for me, but lately I've been noticing that the site reformats itself to fit whoever's using it's screen, and that can make things look really sloppy. The buttons won't line up, they'll be overlapping, images will appear on completely different parts of the page. And I can't fix it because if I correct it on one computer, it'll be messed up on another. You can take a look for yourself if you want at So what do you think, do I need to find a new place to build my site?

In my opinion, the font variance and sizes are a bit much, specifically. I really like how you have your books organized on the front, and I would stick to that basic idea, but it may lack professionalism? I don't know just how much power you have with Wix. I used a preset on Wordpress and did just a few tweaks, but my design is very minimalist.

I agree with Shaeor, I like the way your books are organized by the myriad of fonts right at the top is distracting. Your strongest visual component is the organization of books, so maybe you could just have a sentence about your site so we don't have to scroll down so far to see those?

I'll consider that, but at the moment I'm more worried about the how well everything is aligning. Like I said, I can line everything up perfectly on my laptop, but it'll look all screwed up on my desktop at work. If I fix it on there, it'll be screwed up on my laptop. Is it doing that for you guys?

The only thing that seems wonkily aligned is the middle text, the one with your introductions. The book covers and everything else seem fine in their alignment. Specific example: The "Welcome to my World!" text has the far left W spilling off the black background a bit. I'm on a desktop, if that helps.

I actually have no issue with as far as I can see. I am on a desktop running Win 10 and viewed it in Firefox as well as Chrome. Both are updated to the latest version. I even viewed it in MS Edge and they view all the same for me.