Do Not Believe His Lies

Hey has anybody else been playing Do Not Believe His Lies? It's really weird. A group of friends and I are working on it from the beginning.

Side note: could somebody tell me how to see a Magic Eye picture?

Never played it. But to see a magic eye picture, look at at in the center and then let your focus fade so that instead of one image, you start seeing two images, each from one eye. Still looking at the image, see if you notice any more depth in the image and focus either on that or specifically on whatever is popping out in the picture.

I'm not the best of instructor's though, so feel free to image search for magic eye and practice on the results.

Don't believe his lies, Alex.



There's BillHiggins, here to help out. PG forgot to mention that a goat has to be sacrificed or else you suffer the wrath of Scholastic. It's the risk you take playing with magic.

never heard o the game. Link?

I usually start with the image about an inch from my face, and focus on a pojnt at the center of it, then move slowly away from the image, while keeing my focal point about an inch from my nose. that helps it drift in for me.

Honestly, I just ask my wife what the heck the picture is supposed to be, then I take her word for it. For all I know she's been lying to me for 20 years.

It's on iOS and Android here:

It's really creepy, and kinda reminds me of a real-life version of the Easter egg hunt in Ready Player One. My people and I are on the tenth or eleventh puzzle.

@ubersoft - I can imagine you saying, "It's *another* picture of a naked guy? Well, alright, honey, but I really don't think this is as kid friendly as everyone says."

@alex5927 - So for the lazy, what is it about? I like puzzles.

@Tartra basically, it's a bunch of disconnected puzzles. There are no instructions, and you have to solve them to get the code, which unlocks the next puzzle. Each code is three or four words long, and it slowly reveals a narrative, which at the moment seems to be a bit of a rip-off of Freddy Kreuger, but it's actually better because I don't think he kills you.

The Internet's been working on it for months, and still has yet to solve it.

ah, so an arg. check out for some old ones.