Does Anybody Have a Podcast?

In response to the challenge put out by Friday Flash last week, I recorded an audio version of my first story, Safe as Houses: First Prelude. (I like to hear myself talk <grin>). I'm planning now to record another episode each week, basically a podcast version of my novel but about three volumes behind the written one. Y'know, kind of like "Game of Thrones" except without the 4-year delay between written volumes which will let the broadcast version catch up eventually (and without live nude actors simulating sex onscreen). But I digress.

Does anybody else here do a podcast? Are there places to promote a podcast which you wouldn't use for a written story? (Thanks, SgL, for suggesting I ask that here.)

Ubersoft used to do a reading of each episode of his serials.

Fans of the Legion of Nothing did a podcast of the various episodes until life became too busy. They posted it on Podiobooks, and from there it got linked in many places and was added to the iTunes store. I know there are other similar places, but Podiobooks is a good place to start.

I have a podcast version of Hobson & Choi, which I started recently because I've wanted to do something in audio for a while and at least with H&C I've got the material already there. Feedback reasonable so far after four episodes, had a few downloads, but I would be interested in finding new places to plug it - so far I've just got a standard Libsyn feed and iTunes. Will look into Podiobooks.

The details of my H&C podcast are at the new H&C homepage thing at by the way.

I'll check out Podiobooks and ITunes and Libsyn. Thanks!