Does anyone else code your own site?

Unlike a lot of writers here, I don't use a blog to update my story. I code the whole site myself, which is fun, and I enjoy the freedom I have with design, etc. I'm also kind of stupidly proud of it.

However, I've been thinking recently about how nice it would be to have an rss feed or something that automatically updates my readers when a new episode goes up.

I've done some research on ways to do this, but it all seems kind of complicated. Right now, it seems like it would be easier to double post to a separate blog and link to its rss feed on my main site. Anybody else have any experience with this? does rss and is otherwise pretty simple to use. It's worth playing with it to see if it would work as you would like.It's free.

I don't want to move my entire website. Ideally, I'd just like to find someway to make my existing posts rss friendly.

You can hand-code an RSS feed -- it's not a lot different from hand-coding HTML. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to do the first one, but it's mostly cut-and-paste thereafter. Alternatively, there are a few pieces of software out there that will generate the RSS file for you from a nice GUI.


From personal experience, manually coding and updating an RSS feed is a pain in the arse to do over and over again. However, I've yet to find a decent bit of software that can easily schedule automatic RSS updates/uploads.

Let me know if you discover anything! ;)


Ryan might work. It worked for me sometimes, but it was pretty simple to use.

I can hardly make any sense of it so I don't know whether it is useful or not... ;)

I managed to work a little something up with ponyfish, but I could only get a feed of updating links--not text. Still, it's better than nothing, I think. :)

Yes, that way people can know there's new material to read. :)

Wow, coding your own site. Cool.

I've sweated out the RSS thing, as well, ended up giving up and using readymades.

The tutorials are just nuts: they always start out at super-moron level ("RSS is initials. The initials stand for Really Stoopid Stuff...") and about step three go to, ("Now just plat the twishers on your feed enabler, check your wtf bin for the proper optimization of meta-taxonomics, and you're set to deformat your atomizer")

Lol. Really simple syndication my ass. I totally get what you're saying Linton. :)

I coded my website, as well, but I chose to build it on Wordpress and the ease of RSS feeds was one of the reasons. I looked into coding my own feed and decided not to reinvent the wheel.

I know you said you didn't want to move your site, but if you decide its worth it, coding a WP theme is pretty straightforward (Maybe you already know this....) This was my first time building a theme from scratch, and I think the result was well worth the effort.

Good luck!