Does anyone know how to contact Eren Reverie?

Sorry about the fuss, but I'd like to talk to Eren about something and haven't found an email address on her site. There doesn't appear to be a way of leaving comments, either. If I'm blind and overlooked something, sorry in advance. If not... can anyone point, nudge, or push me in a direction?

A PM system would come in handy right now... :)

Her website supports comments, they're down at the bottom of the chapter posts, just like on most stories!

Ack! I feel silly now. Thanks, Oniwasabi.

I love how we all have our own websites. I also love how it's a completely optional thing, technically unrelated to our writing, and it's the most probable thing for us to have. :)

I got confused because I tried to write a comment on the author's notes rather than an actual chapter. The question isn't story related, so it feels a bit strange to ask it underneath a chapter.