Domain and Hosting questions

Hey all... I'm thinking of buying a domain name and hosting, but have no idea where would be a good place to look/good price. I'm not too web-savvy (though in the 90s I was hip to HTML and CSS -- and just invalidated that by using the word 'hip') so any advice would be great.

I'm on Dreamhost myself, you get more bandwidth and space than you're ever likely to need for quite a reasonable price. They also do one-click installs of WordPress and a lot of other software packages.

I made a promo code which gets anyone who uses it $50 off the first year with Dreamhost. The code's CROSSEDSWORDS, if you're interested.

Alternatively I can give you a free subdomain on if that would suit you better.



I've been using hosting for my sites, and recommended it to several friends. I have never, ever had a single problem with them as a host. In fact, when someone hacked into one of my sites and used it as a spoof server, GoDaddy was extremely cooperative in resolving the issue.

Looking at Dreamhost, it seems like it's worth comparing if you're starting fresh. But after a lot of bad experience with other web hosts, I'm not leaving GoDaddy for anything. :)


I use They are cheap, and generally reliable. Support is good - the owner actually tends to answer support tickets too. If you need cheap hosting, and decent support, they are good but not excellent (can't say excellent because I have had one or two minor issues but not fatal at all - fixable in seconds), you do get what you pay for. I would and do recommend them.

Lifehacker posted an Ask the Users question about just this. Here's their thread.

I've used Dreamhost before, and I loved them. I had a deal where I got the first year for like $8. It was normal rates afterwards. I've considered going back to them, but is working well for me at the moment. I can (I need to) attach my own domain for like $10 (maybe a month) if I wanted.

Also, while you're hunting for a domain, check out, a tool for helping you look up domains, and finding goofy domains, like It's become a strange pass-time for me.

Thanks for all the replies! I'll be checking all of these and slowly (painfully) making a decision. It helps to have a narrower frame of reference, thank you. :)

As for I am loving this site. It is crazy addicting.

If I had the money, and a contact in Switzerland, I'd register Best. Domain. EVER.

acenet is good domain host and blue host.

GoDaddy, if you google them, has a really bad reputation. We pay $14 a year at net snare so that's a dollar a month more than GD. Well worth it. The K-Mart solution is not always the best, especially when it's your name and writing ID on the line.

Something to really worse than Enough to pay for?

BIG consideration on hosts. Do they have Fantastico or some other form of pre-installed blog software? Or will you have to download Wordpress and upload it and try to install it to your host's drive and just generally go nuts?