Double Review Request:: Blind Rage and Zombie Punter

Hello, I'm Zoe, and this is my first post in the forums. I'm a dark fantasy writer who has been publishing serialized novellas and novels online for close to three years now. I've only recently come to WFG thanks to a referral from another writer and member, Jan Oda, who encouraged me to post a submission for Zombie Punter, a dark fantasy novella with a gay romance as a subplot.

I've completed that novella and have submitted my next serial novel to WFG, another dark fantasy called Blind Rage. This is a story about the formation of a werekin pack, and it represents a point of origin for the druid werekin curse in my fictional world. Part of the Mystical World Wars, the story in Blind Rage is hectic. It takes place on a modern Earth not too unlike our own, yet the cast already includes a berserker, a black elf and a bard. The werekin shown so far are: werebear-orc, werebear, weredog, werefox, and werepanther.

I've already posted the first nine chapters, and this series will run until the end of July, at which point I will take a much needed vacation. I would appreciate if you could check out the story in progress and offer ratings or reviews.

If you prefer to wait and review complete stories, then perhaps you could look at Zombie Punter. I'm really quite proud of this dark fantasy, which was written as a tribute to Brian Keene's Dead Sea. The novella is being praised by a number of writers and editors, and it's been called brilliant, mesmerizing, intriguing, and original. For a book featuring two explicit gay sex scenes, it's still able to win points with straight guys. One author joked that he had to shift in his seat a few times during the first sex scene due to "tight pants." ^_^

So, those are my stories. I hope you will check them out and leave feedback, and I thank you in advance for checking out my work. Thanks for reading this too, and it's nice to meet you all.

I've finished posting Blind rage, and I've uploaded e-books in four formats; PDF, PRC, PDB, and LIT. Aside from the PDB format, the others come with a nice werebear cover...well nice in a aesthetic sense. ^_^ You can find the books here:

Okay, I have two comments after reading the new front page review:

First, there are three other books before Blind Rage that explain Jobe's psychic abilities, his lineage to a family of halflings, and his mental illness. I can't promote those book because they weren't free. Nevertheless, I can see how walking into "episode four" might cause confusion if you thought this was the first.

Second, Wendy Stoffel was the teen that Jobe was protecting in the first trilogy, not his girlfriend. She developed a crush on him during the third book, but that's about it.

Thank you for the reviews.

then why not at least mention the previous books and possibly a link to where you can purchase them? maybe a brief synopsis of where we are in the story when episode 4 starts... just a thought! :)

NiSp wrote:

"then why not at least mention the previous books and possibly a link to where you can purchase them? maybe a brief synopsis of where we are in the story when episode 4 starts... just a thought! :)"

Yes, these are good points. The link to the books is in my signature. Just visit my web site and click on Books. From there you can find links to buy the Campaign trilogy books as e-books or print copies. There are also free previews of the first parts so you can read a bit before you decide. (The e-books are 0.99 cents each if you're interested in checking them out.)

Um...a brief synopsis...I'm not sure how to sum up the contents of ten stories and counting. I can do it in a wall 'o text, but a brief summary is much harder.

But okay, trying to sum up quickly, a human summoner has performed blood magic rituals to call daemons back to Earth. This leads to an invasion force of daemons on Earth under the command of Marmot, the current leader of Tor'Sai Ro'ca, Heil. (Home world of the daemons.) Marmot plans on releasing a full invasion if he can sort out how to deal with the small population of magi still mixed in the human population.

The summoner responsible has since gone on to be elected president of the United States after engineering a virus that killed hundreds of halfling and halfbreed mutants in the state of Arizona, and made hundreds of others like Jobe sick. Despite this plan being uncovered by vigilantes Jobe and Wendy, Damien wins, and everyone else loses. Jobe ended up broken and battered in the hospital, and Wendy left Jobe after the elites have convinced her that he's insane and cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile in the elf world, a daoine sidhe (black elf) rebels against an order to kill an orc prince infected with the druid werekin curse. With nowhere else to go, the elf takes the orc to Earth. The events in that story, Erick's Journey, spin off into two story arcs, Blind Rage and Blood Relations. Blind Rage follows Jobe and Gavin, while Blood Relations follows Jobe's little sister Amber and her vampire partner, Vicky.

Future installments will be branching out further to cover other races like the shapeshifters and kitsune, and others will cover the human magi too. The print books continue to follow Wendy Stoffel, who is my "premium content" character. As the series expends, I hope explain how the world goes from being relatively normal in the first books to a complete mixture of mystical races all living on Earth again. Most of the stories will be free, but Wendy's stories will be released as premium content to help fund my web site, and maybe cover some of my medical expenses too. (That's a long way off in the future, I think)

Um, and that's probably about as clear as mud, isn't it? I'm awful at making a decent synopsis. (-_-*) In any case, it a big experiment for me, and one of the things I'm always struggling with is trying to make the single stories worth reading on their own without having to read the rest. With every new installment, there are some people who like the idea, and other who don't. So I go back to the drawing board to try again,to see if I can convince more people the next time around..