Downloadable Episodes?

I had this idea for my next serial: along with having each episode available on the website, I was thinking about also having each episode available for download in several formats. This would benefit if you want to read on an e-reader, since computer/tablet/smartphone screens can hurt your eyes after a while, and if someone was going somewhere where they wouldn't be able to get on the internet, they could download it and read it offline. Thoughts?

What type of format were you thinking? I created an epub version of the first section of one of my web serials because hey, no skin off my nose (but a few years off of my life due to the stress of figuring out epub formatting).

If there were a demand that I knew of, I would totally be on that, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the extra effort. For Mind the Thorns I made "issues" 1-3 available for Kindle, I tried to make them available on Smashwords (which was rejected as they don't do serials), and also made available in print form, none of which moved. I managed to give a way a good collection of the free e-books through Amazon but honestly I did not get a lot of interest beyond those already reading on the website or with some kind of reader software.

I also think a good number of readers have ways to predownload pages, or cache files ect. Honestly I haven't looked too deep though as my phone's more or less always connected. I can think of a few cases (travel) where I might want to pre-download a few chapters of something but I'm just as likely to have a print dead-tree reader with me as I am to plan that far in advance...

I was going to do a PDF and a mobi, since most e-readers/tablets will be covered with those formats, and they can both be read using a computer on an airplane. I would distribute them for free by having a separate page on the website that just had the download links, and I would put them at the beginning of each post.

if your doing it for free, don't do mobi, just do epub.

I agree. mobi's a locked-down format, like .aac from itunes. epubs are mp3s.

If you need a hand, let me know. I've been working on a plugin to automatically produce epubs from Wordpress. It's not complete yet, but I have a hand-editable template that should do the trick.

So, PDFs and ePubs are good? Thanks, guys.

absolutely. I wish someone would make a better pdf like format.