Dreamers Of Dreams, an anthology


The first of an online anthology, highlighting several different webfiction sites! PDF at the moment, soon to be out multi format on smashwords for free, and at the end of the month, a .99 cent version on amazon with bonus features!

The first few times I tried to look at it I was thrown by the blank front page -- I was looking at it from my phone and I couldn't actually turn the pages... all very confusing. Was this a straight dump of the epub? Being greeted by a completely blank title page is a bit disconcerting.

Also the text is really, really tiny! Still, very cool. Looking forward to the epub version!

That has been fixed, it was a straight conversion of the epub, I found a better conversion site. Also, about to put up the epub a few places.

For more information, please visit www.dreamfantastic.com/anthology/