Dual versions for adult content

A friend of mine is running a serial and recently asked the audience their opinion. She's writing some adult scenes here and there, and she wanted to know what people preferred, warnings, not to have content over a certain heat level, or dual versions, pg 13 and unrated, for people to decide which they want to read.

I did something similar waaaay back with Phoenix 2025, in which I had marked NSFW chapters that were rewritten down a few notches for those that preferred it, and i seemed to get no traffic to the pg13.

Has anyone else tried this? Does it work for you and your audience?

I would say the best bet is to go for the Dual versions. This way neither audience misses out on their preferred Style. Assuming seeing the scenes in question are not vital to the plot or character growth it's likely she'll be able to just do a fade to black for the safe versions. Just make sure any relevant dialogue and such doesn't get edited out.

If time really is an issue then I'd say write the safe version First to at least maximize her potential audience then maybe include the adult version as bonus material when time permits.

There are webcomics I follow that do the dual version option--which seems reasonable. If I remember correctly, some even make the steamy version available only to Patreon subscribers. Personally, I'd only do one option--the option that I feel *should* be there. In Legion of Nothing, I don't feel like the story would be improved by sex. At the same time, depending on what kind of story I was trying to write, I could imagine a story that needs a sex scene of one kind or another and wouldn't work as well without it.

That's also the same approach I take with violence--if the story still makes sense without a scene, the scene might be unnecessary.

Yeah if I saw two versions of the same story, I might wonder how necessary the excised scenes were to begin with. I'd go with a single version with a warning. After all, people are reading, not watching. If you're reading a story that you're mostly enjoying and hit a scene that bothers you, you can just skim over it. Just don't put anything essential to the plot in the middle of an spicy scene and you'll be fine. Or have someone recap that point once the scene is over.

My strategy was to host my erotic scenes on a different website, specifically Ao3 (although it's hardly the only option). With a proper fade-to-black in the story proper. The people who wanna see the sexytimes can go read them if they like.

Probably unnecessary in my case, since even without that content, my stuff still gets an 'R' rating for violence, profanity, even more violence, gore, and situations that may make some people uncomfortable.

Personally, I think it's the best way to go.

Who's the target audience for a pg-13 version?

Because the kids certainly aren't going to want to read that. No, they're going straight for the other version, they're going to be gleefully skipping chapters until they hit a nipple slip.

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NSFW markers are probably sufficient, plus it makes it easier to find the good stuff.