Dubious Achievements

Well, it's happened... after four years of constant, regular updates on the same serial site (ranging from twice per week to every two weeks, depending), here we are - I've now had a month with less than 10 page views every day. So I got the "decimal" summary in Wordpress, where the high point of the graph for September is 10.0, because adding a decimal makes it look better, I guess? Huzzah.

This is what I would call a "dubious achievement". Definitely not something I set out to achieve, but you kind of reach a point where you stop begging for more votes just to see if it happens. Anyone else ever experience this sort of thing? Like, a stretch of time where your publicity took a left turn, a plot discontinuity you put in that snuck past the readers, a site/graphics update that was accidental, something else you succeeded at unintentionally...? I'm thinking sometimes it helps to share occasional misfortunes (or random luck), so that we don't all think everyone's doing better than us.

And just so that I don't sound totally self-deprecating, I have actually had four comments on the seven posts within my latest serial, which is already twice as much response as I had for the serial I ran at the start of the year. So, the four year backlog is invisible, but the current stuff has at least 3 people following along. All about finding the positive.


Not that your dedication and consistency is anything short of amazing, but have you ever thought about starting a completely new project? A writer of your calibre should have a lot more readers.

All my dubious achievements come in the form of not updating for extended periods of time...

I suppose my dubious achievement is creating a new sub-genre of magical femdom erotica. >_>

As far as views go, my content is so sporadic, I can't really say I even allow for consistency on any of my story blogs.

The advantage of not being popular is that you don't have to worry so much about losing 90% of your audience when you keep delaying your next season for revisions >_>


Ahahaha, well said. I suppose my dubious achievement is having zero followers after being listed on TopWebFiction for nearly an year (although I also did zero advertising). At least there was no one to complain when I ripped away all 50-ish chapters from the site during my current re-haul.

I seem to have found a way to attract follows and likes from bots. Like, they're all supposedly running the same two blogs, they all have a similar sort of photo, and their names mostly follow a consistent pattern. Considering views are down right now, I fear they are artificially inflating my views such that I'm unable to properly evaluate my how many views I'm getting.

Also, I went from having a guaranteed following via people who liked my commentary on Worm, with folks thinking it'd be great if I had my own serial, to now having people go "Whatever happened to that Psycho Gecko person? Is he alive? Did he kill himself doing something crazy/stupid like zoophilia with a goblin shark?"

My dubious achievement: on more than one occasion, I have been found on google through "sex web serial" and Royal Road with the search tearm "sex"

It is a non erotica superhero story :I there are only two on screen sex scenes across 45 episodes

@Unice: Oh, my serial blog goes through multiple short stories, each lasting about half a year. Or if you mean another project entirely, there's my personification of math webcomic which doesn't have great reception either. And I'm still working on my time travel sequel in my non-abundant spare time, just can't post that as I go because earlier parts are impacted by later ones. Thank you though! :) (Occasionally there's a silent browser and my page views spike over 200 for a month.)

@Dary: That's a good point... the makeup of a 10 person audience tends to be somewhat different than a 100 person audience.

@Teowi: Hope the rehaul's working out for you!

@Megajoule: Hopefully that's only the search results you see, and people aren't actively complaining. O.o


Thanks! It is; just very slowly.

@Megajoule: Sounds fun! I miss all the results I used to get back when it showed me search terms. LOTS of people found me while looking for bondage, including one time someone looking for stuff involving humiliation and a horse. I never asked my readers to clarify if they were any of that bunch. That's their business.

My absolute favorite search term had to be one about "how do I shut up loud gecko on my roof?"