Earthrise Cover

The e-book/print edition of Earthrise now has a cover by the amazing Julie Dillon. I am excite. :)

Nice! And shiny!

Just perfect. I love the representation of Reese right down to her expression. And I'm tickled that you put my quote right on the front cover <<blush>>

It was a good quote! :)

must... get money.. to hire this amazing artist.

Start saving now! She normally does work for Simon & Schuster and Tor. :)

Great cover! Good luck with the book. :)

I love her interpretation of the cast. And her work is very clean, very pleasing to the eye. How much guidance did you provide her in terms of the design? Did you work with her based off sketches?

Also was the typesetting done by the person who usually lays out your books? I might be fishing for one :)

I gave her the book to read, and independently she went back and looked at my own sketches. I like her versions better, though. :)

I made a couple of suggestions for the basic layout, which she refined and gave to me as three choices, so I picked one and she took it from there.

I did the typesetting myself; I have a graphic designer to do the interior, because I have no page layout programs and I don't have the time to learn to use them (wow, I can say that with a straight face these days). But I always do the cover layout, because I spent a lot of time making notes on what covers look like in my genres and I am very particular about getting the cover to hit those bullet points.

I know it's a little crass to ask, but what would a cover of this quality cost? Feel free not to answer if you're not comfortable doing so. I'm just curious, because I've been looking into printing & publication.

It's quite good, and it's interesting - I've seen her work before and liked it.

Professional artists being hired by big publishers can expect from $5000-$15,000 per cover painting they do, depending on who they are and what book they're painting for (bestselling authors get better art than new hires). At least, those were the applicable rates ten years ago when I was more active in ASFA.

Having said that, though, there are a lot of freelance artists who will do cover artwork for three figures, though again, the good ones get into the mid-to-high three figures. Some of the artists I've been collecting prices from have all been between $400 and $700. You couldn't hire a Julie Dillon for that rate, but there are so many amazing artists out there, it's just a matter of finding one with commissions open and a good work ethic.

(Admittedly, the latter--which is hugely important--is not easy to find.)

I keep a collection of artist commission rates as a pinterest board for when I'm shopping for cover art. Helps me keep track of potential contractors. It's here for the curious:

Many thanks, M.C.A. Hogarth. That's very useful information to have, and helps me put it in perspective.

That's really beautiful! It makes me nostalgic for good sci-fi/fantasy. You must be over the moon. :D

400-700 is pretty much a steal if you're getting rights to a digital painting, have access to revisions, and then add multiple characters, backgrounds, etc.

Julie's work is definitely at a far higher level than the mid-tier. I definitely expected it to be in the thousands.

MCA: I like your font choice... that was really nice. It really reminded me of classic sci-fi cover typography.

Forgot to ask - did you have her do enough bleed on the painting to cover the abck of the book? Or was it only front?

And did you two discuss prints? I saw your kickstarter info and noticed you didn't make any available. I'd like one... Hirianthal is *_*

The font is freeware New World Vibe, if I remember right. The little one is "Ever After."

This is front cover only! I am the small client, compared to her normal clients. >.>

And no, I didn't ask for print rights; she's retaining those. I could suggest to her that she make it available as a print if you want one; her prints are all quite affordable (

Yeah, I've seen her printshop before :3. I definitely would buy one if she made it available!

Thanks for the name of the font!

No problem!

I meant to ask--did the story fulfill your hopeful expectations? :)

I haven't caught up yet TBH, hope to do so this weekend!