Ebook review request

Here's a different kind of review request! I need three more reviews for my first Anathema ebook to get the 10 reviews total I need on Amazon.com to submit to some of the better promotion sites. Maybe some of you can relate - getting organic ebook reviews is HARD. 6 of the 7 reviews I do have on Amazon.com (the US marketplace) are from web serial readers.

Around 450 Amazon Amazon customers read the book in the first three weeks, one of them left a review. I tried giving away free books in exchange for reviews (there's some sites out there where you can list books for review giveaways), maybe you can guess what happened - people grabbed the book, didn't thank me or even confirm that they received it, and didn't leave a review.

Tieshaunn was kind enough to leave one on Amazon.de, but unfortunately only the .com reviews get looked at when you submit for promotions. :(

Anyway, long story short - I need three more honest reviews on Amazon.com, and I hope you wonderful people can help me out. Honest being the magic word - you don't need to leave a glowing review if you didn't like the book, a mix of bad and good reviews actually helps sales. :P I only ask that you are interested in the genre (superhero deconstruction) and have the time to leave a review by July 1st so I can get those promotions lined up in time.

Also, please keep the ebook separate from the serial. The writing / editing are different, and there's some minor differences in content as well.

What you get: a free copy (mobi for Kindle, or epub for other readers) of the first book in my series. If you read the serial a long time ago, the reading experience might be dramatically different as the writing (after two professional editors) is far superior to what I used to have on my blog. I don't think a single word has been left untouched or is still in the same place.

If you like the first book, I'll also provide you with a free copy of book 2, due for release on August 3rd.

So... any takers? Let me know how I can contact you with the download / Amazon links. Thanks <3

Here's the blurb:

Now two young women are caught in the chaos of a changing world:

Christina Chung, an antisocial misfit whose force fields are fueled by the social bonds she broke during the event of her transition.

Former coke addict Sarina Baumann, whose reality-altering power forces her to abandon everything she holds dear.

Don't you owe me a free copy from a while ago, already?

ACK! I do. I vaguely remember that I still had a question (which file format you preferred or something?) that I needed an answer for, and then I got horrifically busy and forgot all about Myth Weavers. So sorry. Just dug up the last PM and will email you now!

Sure, I'll review it. Just please send the review copy to [email protected] and I promise I'll review it before July 1st

General, Kindle or other ereader? Which file do you need?

Anything that Calibre can convert , but mobi or epub would be appreciated.

Sent! Could you guys confirm if you got the email? I've had some emails disappear before. :(

Got the email. Thanks Chrysalis.

I don't usually leave reviews for books, but I'll give it a shot. My email is [email protected] Epub and mobi files are fine.

I was just planning on starting your serial. I guess I can start with the ebook instead. You could send a kindle version to [email protected]


Thanks, guys! I wouldn't mind getting more than the minimum 10 reviews I need, so please keep posting if you're interested. The more the merrier. Going to send the next batch of emails now.

Sent! If anyone didn't receive the email, please check your spam folder. There's a bunch of links which could get it spam-flagged.

I got the email. Also, just realized that the book is on Kindle Unlimited. I have an account so I'll just read it from there.

No other takers? :(

I forgot to mention that the review will be in my real name.

What are the places for better promotion that you need 10 reviews for? *Keenly interested*

Book Barbarian, for instance - they're REALLY good for SF and Fantasy. Also Book Basset and Fussy Librarian; there are others I don't remember off the top of my head. ENT and Bookbub are the biggest ones, they don't have a required minimum but having 10+ REALLY helps your chances of getting picked up as an unknown author.

I got my copy :)

If I had time to review an ebook, I'd have time to review serials as well :S As it stands, it takes me several months just to read the average paperback!

For me, it depends on how much I enjoy the book. If I get the feeling that it will take me several months, then it didn't grab me and I should probably read something else. :) There's always 15 minutes to read before sleeping or during a bus ride.