Editing one's listing?

It would be super ultra double plus good to be able to edit our listings. That is all. :)

Just send the details to submissions at webfictionguide dot com.

Right-o, but just as a note, keep in mind that as this resource gets bigger that's going to be an onerous task for you. :)

Hmm, looks like I didn't weigh in on this topic like I thought I had.

I think this would be a good idea, especially since you already have some way of linking user accounts to stories (last I checked, atleast the editors stories were).

Yeah, but the thing that makes WFG different from (and better than) Pages Unbound is the amount of editor control over the content. I completely understand the impulse to keep the power in their hands. Plus, if it keeps growing, they might have to hire extra help *hint hint* ;)

But this does remind me that I wanted to make some changes... I should get on that.... soon

Hi all,

For a variety of reasons, I don't expect we'll ever be making our listings directly editable by authors. We collect a bunch of data in the listing -- tags, screenshot, etc. -- that directly impact the functioning of the overall site, and over which we need to maintain some control. We also apply some editorial standards to new listings. For instance, we ensure URLs go specifically to the story being listed, and we also ensure that new listings meet same basic user interface standards (pages of the story must be linked together). We (well, I) think this improves things for authors and readers alike, and is something we need to enforce. Finally, the listings editor has been built to fit into WordPress (our underlying software), and so opening it up would be a security headache.

All editors have access to the listings, although, at present, all [email protected] email comes to me. However, I think we'll be able to manage the workload. It's been fine, so far. :-)


Is this means that if we want to edit our listings we have to resubmit the site again?

Hi Murazrai,

Just send an email to [submissions at webfictionguide dot com] with the changes you are looking for -- you can use the form or just write the email by hand, as appropriate.


*wonders how to scribe an email by hand* won't that muck up my screen? :D

Dry erase marker. And avoid whiteout.

ah ok. thanks :)

*dashes off to stationery store*