Editing recomendations?

Hey Y'all!

I am coming close to finishing up my serial (about five updates away) and are preparing to gather what I have written to self-publish (about 70,000 words). On top of this, I have written three books in a different series on the side and would like to publish this about the same time (about 150,000 words).

I am looking for an editor for my works and was wondering if any of you had recommendations? Cheap is best, but I recognize that you get what you pay for. Ideas?

Thanks in advance :)

What kind of editing are you looking for? Proofreading? Developmental editing (as in the whole work--style, plot, characters, etc...)?

Proofreading is relatively low cost ($100-300) for a decent proofreader. Developmental editing for a work of that size is $500+ (I've paid more than that). I can recommend Erin Cooley for both of those. I can give you her email address via email since I'm not sure that she'd necessarily want it posted in a public forum.


What I wouldn't recommend is going to the lowest bidder, but I think Jim's quote sounds reasonable.

@Jim Zoetewey

Developmental editing is something I cannot afford yet, I am primarily looking for proofreaders.

Thank you for email, I appreciate it :)


If you ever can afford it, do it, I would love to see your stuff on Amazon! I totally hear you though, editing is a hard buy to justify when you could spend that amount on things like grceries.


Thank you for the tip :)